Surrender the Moment -- New Novel Follows Character Faced With Fears of War and Love

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

RENTON, Wash., August 20, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- The wounds of war don't always disappear with the conflict. Many stay with those affected for the rest of their lives. Nicole Randall still feels the sting of loss as another war threatens on the horizon in the new novel, Surrender the Moment (now available through 1stBooks), by Yvonne Pipkin.

Nicole Randall is still haunted by the bombs and firefight from the past. Growing up in the tumultuous shadows of the Vietnam War, Nicole remembers her brother leaving to follow his convictions and the pain when he didn't return. She also remembers her husband's return from his tour of duty. Now quiet and introverted, he returns to a country that looks at him with disgust rather than honor. With the Persian Gulf War looming, Nicole's old fears are resumed.

Driven to face her fear that her only son may become a soldier and embark for foreign soil, Nicole decides to face the future by looking through the past. A feature writer for a magazine, Nicole writes about Vietnam veterans. She places an ad in the newspaper to interview any Vietnam veteran that wishes to tell their story. In order to face her fears through writing this story, Nicole encounters temptation, sexual harassment and personal tragedy.

"Nicole Bower Randall finds that love and her career collide. Determined to succeed, she overcomes obstacles and learns in the end the importance of being true to oneself," Pipkin says.

An innovative career woman, Pipkin has been distinguished in Who's Who in the West and Emerging Leaders in America. Currently, she is the contracts administrator for a Seattle-based research and development firm. She is the author of Marriage: The 51% Solution (1992) a book that guides young couples toward successful marriage by presenting basic realities and expectations. Surrender the Moment is her first novel.


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