The Power of Shared Journeys -- Novel tells of several generations of women and their harrowing journeys west

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BOISE, Idaho, August 28, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- The connection between women is a powerful phenomenon, especially when they are faced with the challenge of starting a new life. In her new book, A Road Well Traveled (now available through 1stBooks), author Marjorie L. Price tells the story of two women, separated by several generations, who embark on life-changing journeys west, relating their experiences through letters sent back home.

In 1864, Becky and her war-scarred husband, Edward, leave North Carolina and head for California, hoping to find a better life in the midst of war. It is an arduous journey and they face many hardships: hunger, poverty, blizzards, birth and death. Wooden crosses at haphazard burial sites that line the road remind them of the danger. Pregnant and scared, Becky trudges on, writing her mother about her new surroundings and emotions.

Almost four decades later, Becky's great-granddaughter, Molly, loads up an over-traveled Model A Ford and she, too, heads west with her family, searching for a new life in the midst of the depression. The journey mirrors her great-grandmother's. Both women write about their struggles along this route called Beale Road - today, known as Route 66 and Interstate 40.

Much later in life, after the death of her first husband, Molly remarries and sets out on the journey once again. She writes to her daughter, Midge, of the thrilling discovery of love late in life and the changes along the route. The story culminates as Molly returns home, peacefully pondering the state of the world; how wars, economic depression and time change the landscape of the world and its people; and the impending end of her own well-traveled life.

A powerful story, A Road Well-Traveled is the tale of two resolute women, who dared to walk the unbeaten path in pursuit of their dreams.

In writing A Road Well-Traveled, her first fictional work, Price aimed to capture the rich history of one of the lesser-known wagon routes in the 1800s. She is a country music songwriter and has published two books, in addition to her new novel. The first details the art of making preserves and gourmet sweet spreads; the other is a guide to selecting, preserving and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables.


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