The Endless Stories of an Apartment Manager - New book offers day-to-day life of couple in charge of apartment complex

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 5, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- The day-to-day life of an apartment manager can be grueling and baffling. With pipes bursting, sinks overflowing, appliances breaking and tenants pulling all sorts of stunts, an apartment manager has a lot on their hands. In her new book, Day by Day With An Apartment Manager (now available through 1stBooks), author Milda Ewing has compiled her diary -- a mix of apartment memories and family stories interspersed with praise for God.

A true day-by-day account, Ewing's book outlines her and her husband's daily routine, spent balancing their religious lives with their grueling and unpredictable occupation. The stories about her tenants are numerous and varied. She writes that these occurrences shattered the old saying, "I've seen it all now." Just when she thought she had, another unbelievable incident would happen to prove her wrong.

Ewing recalls one kind renter, who gave her granddaughter a large candy bar as a Halloween treat. However, she writes, when this "kind" man moved out, he wasn't so considerate.

"When this person moved out, he left the trick. It was months later, but he had never lived in an Apt. Complex before, but he knew how to leave a mess. He was a good renter, but at the end, some thing ticked him off, and when he had the apt., all cleaned out, he left us a real treat. They had a great big potted plant, lots of dirt in it. Well he left that dirt all over the apt."

A collection, tinged with religious inspiration, Day by Day with an Apartment Manager gives readers an inside look at the ups and downs of managing an apartment complex and puts a humorous spin the frustrating and bewildering episodes the author encountered.

"Through the years every time we told a story, everyone would say, 'You should write a book,' well, here it is. We may have forgotten one or two, but maybe they were best forgotten," Ewing writes.

Ewing and her husband, John, have been apartment managers for more than 25 years. They have two grown children and live in Boulder, Colo.


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