TechSpace Introduces Workspace Solutions for Growing Non-Traditional Workforce, Those Needing Virtual Office Space

Includes Free Wi-Fi Internet Access Through "HotSpace" Service

Aliso Viejo, California, UNITED STATES

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.,Nov. 10, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- TechSpace, a full-service facilities and corporate infrastructure provider, today announced the expansion of its current offerings to include a "FlexSpace" virtual office space program, which addresses the escalating demand from free-lancers, consultants and start-up companies who need office space on a part-time basis.

In addition to the launch of FlexSpace, the company will offer "HotSpace" locations throughout each of its campuses providing free Wi-Fi Internet access. Individuals who would like to take advantage of this free service can sign up at and connect their laptop or PDA at any one of TechSpace's four locations.

According to the International Telework Association and Council (ITAC), the number of employed Americans who work from home during business hours has increased by nearly 40 percent since 2001. These individuals are ideal candidates for a TechSpace virtual office program, which provides crucial corporate services in a professional setting for remote workers when needed.

"The steady rise in contract workers who operate on a project basis and the growing number of employees working remotely out of their homes or from satellite locations demonstrates a fundamental change in today's office environment," said Michael Simmons, president of TechSpace. "Through our new virtual offerings, TechSpace continues to promote flexible solutions for any corporate scenario - whether it's reception and conference room availability that's needed, or a permanent work environment with access to all of our onsite services and amenities."

TechSpace's new offerings include the following programs for home office workers, business travelers and others with non-traditional office space needs:

 -- HotSpace - Wi-Fi-enabled locations throughout TechSpace campuses 
    that offer free Internet access.  This service is included as 
    part of each virtual membership program, and is also available
    for full-time customers.

 -- FlexSpace - A complete business identity solution to accommodate
    small businesses or individuals who need a professional setting 
    and presence in Boston, New York or California. It includes phone 
    reception, voice mail, business postal address and mailbox,
    as well as access to other essential services such as conference 
    room and workspace rental ($15 per hour). This membership costs
    $150 per month (per person).  

 -- FlexSpace 4 - Includes all the benefits of the FlexSpace 
    membership, plus dedicated workspace for one day per week
    (four days per month). This membership costs $225 per month
    (per person).

 -- FlexSpace 8 - Includes all benefits of FlexSpace membership, 
    plus dedicated workspace for two days per week (eight days per 
    month). This membership costs $350 per month (per person). 

Each FlexSpace program allows access to amenities that TechSpace offers its full-time membership customers, with a host of sophisticated technology and outsourcing solutions.

There is clear indication that the number of full-time telecommuters and remote branch offices is on the rise. According to a recent report by industry research firm, In-Stat/MDR, the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) business market is expected to grow to more than 8 million firms by the end of 2003, employing nearly 18 million workers. Over the next several years, this market should show steady growth, and is expected to reach more than 9 million businesses and 19 million employees by 2007.

Corporations and small businesses can easily and cost-effectively utilize TechSpace's virtual office program to ensure that these workers are well-equipped with the appropriate tools and support without making capital expenditures or hiring additional support staff.

To learn more about the virtual product offerings at TechSpace, please visit

About TechSpace

In June 2002, Enfrastructure acquired TechSpace, bridging East and West Coasts with premier business infrastructure solutions. The company changed its name to TechSpace in June 2003.

With a total of four facilities in the United States, TechSpace is a full-service facilities and infrastructure provider delivering a completely integrated IT and business process outsourcing platform for growth companies. TechSpace's integration of flexible office space, state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, and business process outsourcing solutions leaves companies free to concentrate on their core competencies.

Two campuses are located in New York -- in Union Square and the West Village-one in Boston's South End, and one in Aliso Viejo in Southern California. For more information on TechSpace, please visit the company's web site at Company, product and service names may be registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.



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