Viet Expat Pens Two New Books About Home

An Introduction of Ancient Vietnamese Oral Literature, and His Experiences During the Vietnam War

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

WASHINGTON, Nov. 11, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- One person's soul is attached to his land of birth. Much akin to a child's love for his mother, this attachment is enmeshed in one's psyche and being, that even if a citizen is forced out of his own country overrun by chaos and poverty, there is an inextinguishable longing to go back home. Vietnamese emigre and former UPI correspondent, Loc Dinh Pham, pays tribute to his mother country with his two books titled "A Glimpse of Vietnamese Oral Literature," and "I Cried for My Country."

In the first book, Loc introduces us to the rich heritage of Vietnamese oral literature -- proverbs, folklore, fables, legends and mythology, reflecting an old, peace-loving culture. Vietnamese oral literature appeared in its earliest times long before their written language was established. "I Cried for My Country," as the author puts it, relates the violence and the deceptions that had been perpetuated since the time of his boyhood till "all my hair turned gray." This is a history of devastation and tragedy brought on by wars. Vietnam endured foreign colonization and world ideological wars. Its leaders toyed with Marxism, but this merely led to even more violence and stifling of the voice of the people. This is the story of a man and of his nation during the Vietnam War.

A former journalist, Loc hopes that his new books will be a contribution to his mother country. The author has lived in the United States for almost 20 years now.

About the Author

Loc Dinh Pham started his journalistic career with United Press International (UPI) in Saigon in 1966 as a byline reporter, and at Saigon Daily News as a columnist. He came to America in late 1984 on the Orderly Departure Program to become a resident of the State of Maryland. He went back to college to validate his former education at Hood College, MD, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and the French Language and attended the Graduate Program in Environmental Biology at the same institution. He passed the licensure exam for a registered environmental sanitarian of Maryland and became a state employee for ten years, now retired, living in Washington, D.C.

 "A Glimpse of Vietnamese Oral Literature"
 "I Cried for My Country"
 By Loc Dinh Pham
 Publication Date:  2003
 Trade Paperback; $18.69;  221 pages; 

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