Cyper Media contracts with Mouse to do OEM Animation from Japan


NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cyper Media, Inc. ("Cyper") (OTCBB:CYPM) announced today that they have entered into a contract with Mouse Co., Ltd. ("Mouse") for several different animation projects in Japan. Some of the OEM productions Cyper and Mouse are working on are "Godanna," "F-Zero" and "Spy Military Q."

Earnings from the animation productions will represent about 17,500,000 Yen (USD$165,830) per month in revenue starting March 2004.

Cyper will be doing about 50,000 animation sheets per month.

Cyper will be working from December 18, 2003 to December 18, 2004. This contract has the option to be extended to 2 years.

The contract gives Cyper the rights to do main production which includes animation, digital cel painting and background painting.

Duk Jin Jang, CEO of Cyper comments, "I am pleased to work with Mouse on these animation productions. This contract will further show Cyper's presence in 2D animation."

About Mouse

Mouse is a 2D animation company located in Tokyo, Japan.

About Cyper Media

Cyper ( is a 2D/3D digital animation production company, producing its own proprietary content and providing services to the television, commercial and film industries globally. The Company develops and produces 2D and 3D digital animation for television, Original Video Animation, short films, 2D and CGI feature films, music videos and multi-media applications such as video games. Cyper intends to acquire business opportunities to build revenues while building a library of quality movies and TV series. Current Projects include, "The 5th Glacial Epoch," a full-length feature film with a distribution LOI signed by MGM and "OMRoid," a TV animated series that has already sold over 10,000,000 toy items. In addition, Cyper is negotiating to produce "Hobie & Chewby," a 26-episode proprietary TV show and two additional animated TV series, "Kollang" and "Q-Pet."

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