Keltec Dispensing Systems Introduces Airopack System: Plastic, Propellant-Free Aerosol Which Replaces Metal Aerosols

New revolutionary aerosol concept AiroPack provides major environmental benefits

DRUNEN, The Netherlands, May 3, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Possible stock programme or strategic cooperation to finance growth. Keltec Dispensing Systems -- a developer and manufacturer of innovative dispensing systems from Drunen, the Netherlands - has, with the introduction of the AiroPack System once again launched a new, revolutionary dispensing concept for aerosols. The plastic AiroPack System technology will make the many metal aerosol cans and their dangerous propellants a thing of the past. The AiroPack System pumps were developed for application in the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries and offer environmental, transport, logistics and ergonomic advantages.

Keltec Dispensing Systems is 'under pressure' and is contemplating floating itself on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 2004 or 2005 in order to finance its future growth. Cooperation with a strategic partner is also being considered in order to achieve scaling advantages in the field of purchasing and manufacturing.

The current introduction of the plastic AiroPack System once again makes Keltec Dispensing Systems a trendsetter in the hand pump system world. The new, revolutionary concept was developed and tested at our own research and development facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Development took five years and the concept has been patented world wide. The aerosol is an excellent alternative to traditional, metal aerosol cans (aerosol technology) which still use dangerous propellants ('flame throwers'). "The advantages of the plastic AiroPack System are its light weight (lower storage and transport costs, improved ergonomics and user friendliness), increased safety (no highly flammable propellants, no poisonous gases that might be inhaled) and environmentally friendly (no metal packaging, no propellants and no volatile organic hydrocarbons, no more household chemical waste and possible reuse)", explains General Manager Quint Kelders of Keltec Dispensing Systems.

The environment: 25 million kilos less aluminium and steel The environmental benefits are particularly striking. In the Netherlands alone approximately 25 millions kilos of aluminium and steel are used annually to make aerosols. If metal aerosols were to be replaced by plastic AiroPack System aerosols this would constitute an important saving on raw materials and would benefit the environment. It would also save the Netherlands approx. 22 million litres of propellant gases per year (DME, propane/butane).

AiroPack System aerosols have a wide range of possible applications thanks to their major environmental and ergonomic advantages. The foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries in particular could make good use of this new concept. Plastic aerosols' lower weight, 60% less than conventional metal aerosol cans can also provide many environmental and efficiency advantages. Savings on road transport (tax, mileage) are considerable.

Pump foamer As recently as December 2003, Keltec Dispensing Systems concluded contracts with major American and European household and body care companies for the delivery of water resistant pump foamers which were developed in house. The contracts comprise the production of a total of 18 million pump foamers and will generate approx. Euro 10 million in turnover annually. In 2006 we will be manufacturing between 40 and 50 million pump foamers.

General Director Kelders: "The foam pump contracts were a real breakthrough for our companies in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. It represents work for the coming five years. We see it as recognition of our know how and products. The awarding of these orders indicates that our concept of user friendliness for consumers and low costs for the manufacturers is gaining ground." Until recently, Keltec Dispensing Systems operated solely as a turnkey manufacturer for major companies. The introduction of the water resistant pump foamer is the first time the company has worked under its own label.

In house development The pump foamer is manually operated pump which turns liquid into foam without using a propellant (it uses compressed air). Applications are the distribution of liquid materials for hairstyling, sun protection, baby care, facial and hand creams. The pump foamer took two years to be developed, tested and taken into production by the company from Drunen. All the work was done in house. Development cost approximately Euro 1.5 million and the concept was patented worldwide. Unique characteristics of the foam pump are low manufacturing costs and low wear thanks o the use of a mere seven parts. The use of interchangeable insets in the production matrix allows the company to flexibly capitalise on client orders and allows it to provide tailor-made work.

25% increase in turnover in 2003 Keltec Dispensing Systems' turnover increased by 25% in 2003, in comparison to 2002. 35% of this turnover was realised in Germany, 25% in the UK, 25% in the US, 15% in the Netherlands and 10% in France. For 2004, Keltec Dispensing Systems expects a 40% increase in turnover and further result growth.

Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange Keltec Dispensing Systems is contemplating floating itself on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 2004 or 2005 to be able to further finance the company's strategy and growth. Discussions are currently also underway concerning possible strategic cooperation in the field of purchasing and/or manufacturing.

Drunen, the Netherlands, 1 May 2004

(Photographs) Various photographs of products, development and manufacturing processes are available and will be mailed to you at your request (copyright free).

Profile of Keltec Dispensing Systems 'a company under pressure' Keltec Dispensing Systems is permanently 'under pressure' to perform. The company specialises in the development, manufacturing and sale of plastic dispensing systems for the household, body care and cosmetics industries, as well as for consumers, both indoors and out. User friendliness and efficiency are central to Keltec Dispensing Systems' conceptualisation and actions. The products are therefore practical and ergonomic to use. They are environmentally friendly because no propellant is used, just compressed air. The products are durable, efficient and cost saving due to their low number of parts.

Keltec Dispensing Systems is a young, dynamic company which was founded in 1996. The organisation currently employs some 50 professionals. The head office -- Administration, Quality, Factory, Tooling, Filling, Assembly -- is located in Drunen, the Netherlands. The company has its own research and development facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Product developer and subsidiary Keldevelopment operates globally and is located in Vlijmen, the Netherlands. Keltec Dispensing Systems has its own manufacturing facilities in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany and in Denver, Colorado, USA. At the Denver branch production, assembly and filling are also core activities.

Smart, innovative Keltec Dispensing Systems' products include: * The AiroPack System, a new plastic technology aerosol which dispenses high and low viscosity liquids, powders and gases from a package rendering metal aerosol cans and their dangerous propellants obsolete. There is a wide range of possible applications in both the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries. * The pump foamer, which converts liquids into foam without requiring a propellant. Applications include the distribution of liquid materials for hairstyling, sun protection, baby care, facial and hand cleansing. * The liquid dispenser, a pump which comfortably dispenses highly viscous liquids without using a propellant. Applications include dosing toothpaste, creams and hair gel.


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