HeartSTAT Technology, Inc. Completes Acquisition of HeartStat, Inc.

HeartStat, Inc. owns patents and technology for the world's first non-invasive monitoring of blood flow, perfusion and heart loads


LOS ANGELES, May 12, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- HeartSTAT Technology, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HSTA) today announced that it has finalized its acquisition of 100% of issued and outstanding shares of HeartStat, Inc. which is in the process of bringing to market the first practical system for monitoring blood flow perfusion (oxygen transport) and important heart dynamics. It is noninvasive, continuous, and uses a simple comfortable disposable sensor. This addresses key issues of hospital critical care.

  --  Blood pressure (BP) and pulse oximeter (POX) devices are the
      means of preventive monitoring and managing cardiovascular
      disease.  However, these are commonly misleading and slow
      to reflect abnormality, often until it is too late.

  --  Present cardiac output measurement is restricted to the
      most critical procedures on about only 5% of patients because
      of risks and costs.

  --  Blood flow and perfusion are early and more specific
      indications for managing vital patient risks; yet this
      monitoring has not been practical.

The Company's FDA-cleared CNBP system was recently cost re-engineered to be the first price competitive continuous system for upgrading a market of over a million units. HeartSTAT recently enhanced this technology to include a single-patient use sensor for an optional CNBP "platform" for upgrading users to blood flow perfusion monitoring without the delay of capital budgeting.

By combining its CNBP sensing functions with its breakthrough blood flow perfusion technology, the Company and its revolutionary technology intends to establish a new healthcare standard. It is preparing to commence CNBP product shipments within a year and shipments of blood flow monitors six months later.

More information on HeartSTAT Technology, Inc. (Pink Sheets:HSTA) can be found at www.HeartSTAT.com.

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