Annual General Meeting Pricer AB May 13 2004

Uppsala, SWEDEN

UPPSALA, Sweden, May 13, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Pricer's Annual General Meeting was held May 13, 2004. The following decisions were taken.

Election of Board of Directors

Mr. Jan Forssjo, Mr. Salvatore Grimaldi, Mr. Goran Linden, and Mrs. Margareta Norell Bergendahl were unanimously re-elected as board members. Mr. Michael S. Juuhl was elected to the Board. Mr. Martin Bjaringer is leaving the Board after declining re-election. At the board meeting following election Mr. Salvatore Grimaldi was elected as Chairman of the Board.

Election of Auditors

The public accounting firm KPMG Bohlins AB was elected as Auditor with Kari Falk as the principal Auditor.

 Authorisation of issue

 The Annual General Meeting decided in accordance with the board's
 Proposal that the AGM authorises the board to make decisions, on one or
 several occasions, to issue not more than 20,000,000 series B shares
 until the date of the next Annual General Meeting. The board should be
 able to decide on a new issue with a departure from the shareholders'
 right of preference with or without a provision for a non-cash issue.

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