MEDIA ADVISORY -- Association For Women In Technology Kicks Off its 2004 Mentorship Program

Orange County Non-Profit Assists Women in Strengthening Career Advancement and Business Development Goals

Santa Ana, California, UNITED STATES


        WHAT:      The Association for Women in Technology,
                   Southern California (AWT), a non-profit
                   organization dedicated to serving the advancement
                   of women and girls in all fields of technology,
                   will launch its next six-month Mentorship Program
                   with a kick-off meeting on Tuesday evening,
                   May 18, 2004.

                   The Mentorship event will feature guest speaker
                   Candace Rypisi, director of the Women's 
                   Center at the California Institute of 
                   Technology (CalTech). Rypisi will speak about
                   the importance of mentorship programs and 
                   will share success stories from MentorNet, 
                   a unique virtual one-on-one mentoring

                   The AWT Mentorship Program is a six-month 
                   commitment between interested AWT members and 
                   seasoned professionals who wish to share their 
                   expertise. The AWT Mentorship Committee will 
                   match the skills of the mentor to the goals
                   of the protege. Participants agree to meet 
                   a minimum of two hours per month for six
                   months in order to achieve mutually agreed upon 
                   objectives. The relationship is designed to
                   promote the professional advancement
                   of the proteges in the areas of career advancement,
                   business development or personal development.
                   A qualified individual who is not a member of AWT
                   may participate as a mentor, but one must be an AWT
                   member in order to participate as a protege.

        WHO:       The Association for Women in Technology is non-
                   profit organization dedicated to the advancement
                   of women and girls in all fields of technology.
                   As a dynamic forum for networking and learning
                   opportunities, AWT hosts a variety of activities
                   and events including a Quarterly Women's Technology
                   Leadership Forums, Mentorship Program, 
                   Entrepreneurs Luncheon Series, Girl Scouts
                   Program and Education Initiative.

                   To learn more about AWT, please visit

        WHEN:      Tuesday, May 18, 2004
                   6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

        WHERE:     Sun Microsystems
                   2020 Main Street, Suite 1200
                   Irvine, CA 92614

                   (Attendance at this event and participation in
                   the AWT Mentorship Program is free for members.
                   Guests pay $25.00 online by May 18 at
          or $30.00,
                   cash or check, at the door)
        DETAILS:   For more information about AWT and its Mentorship
                   Program, please contact Christine Bock at
          or Danielle Sweeney at
          or by phone at 1-714-540-1030
                   ext. 11 or 16.


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