Bure Equity: Interim Report Jan-Jun 2004


GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Aug. 24, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) --


- The parent company's reported net equity (net asset value) after full subscription to outstanding warrants amounted to SEK 1,965M on 30 June. Shareholders' equity is equivalent to SEK 1.51 per share after full dilution (discounted value) and to SEK 1.65 per share without discounting.

- On 23 August, equity per share after full dilution was calculated at SEK 1.47 (discounted value) and at SEK 1.60 without discounting.

- The parent company's net loan liability, after taking full subscription to outstanding warrants into account, amounted to SEK 13M (367) on 30 June. When adjusted for receivables from subsidiaries, the net loan liability amounted to SEK 57M (694).

- The parent company's result after tax amounted to SEK 103M (62) for the quarter and to SEK 119M (-110) for the half year.

- The consolidated operating result before goodwill amortisation amounted to SEK 51M (91) for the second quarter and to SEK 160M (-73) for the half year. The consolidated net result for the second quarter amounted to SEK -11M (37) and to SEK 30M (-198) for the half year. This is equivalent to SEK -0.03 per share (0.06) and to SEK 0.04 (-1.26) after full dilution.

- Parere was sold to WM-data with a capital gain of SEK 113M in the parent company. In addition, Informator Training Group and Elmo Leather were divested.

- Amortisation of an additional SEK 500M was made to Bure's bank consortium during the first half of the year.

Subsequent events

- Bure has increased its ownership in Vittra to 96 per cent based on an existing option agreement. The purchase was made through acquisition of shares from the founder.

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