P1P Publishing Releases "Emotional Deception" -- A Gripping Drama by First-Time Novelist David Robinson

Lombard, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Aug. 25, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- "Emotional Deception" by David Robinson is a novel that would cause a person to wonder: Is it possible for someone to harvest skeletons in their closet from the person to whom they have been married to for more than ten years? Furthermore, can you ignore being incompatible in your relationship and conceal your inner-most thoughts by living in an imaginative state of mind and simply dreaming "things will get better?"

Robinson's novel revolves around a Dr. Epstein, who makes a desperate and eventually failed attempt to control his attractive wife - Jennifer... while all the while not realizing that Jennifer's fate had already been sealed by her own murky past. As reality kicks in, both come to the realization that compromising and change were now buried deep in their past and their lifetime commitment was shadowed with dishonesty and deceit. As more of their respective skeletons surface - all hell breaks loose.

David Robinson delivers the reader directly into a family life filled with distressing domestic drama, and painstakingly details how clashing emotional differences brought to the surface by "hidden pasts" can destroy a family. Of course, this type of "relationship drama" occurs all to frequently in America and unfortunately is too often ignored by friends, neighbors and extended family members.


Of course, everyone wants to appear to lead the "perfect life." Robinson's novel highlights the alarming need to bring these domestic problems out of the shadows and into mainstream America-and into the public light.

Robinson's 5.5" X 8.5" 230-page book is uniquely narrated as the author is regarded as an influential storyteller. His "Emotional Deception," is laden with sharp passages and humor, and is regarded as an extremely suspenseful and entertaining for a debut novelist.

Robinson holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism and an MBA in Marketing Management. He has written numerous articles in publications regarding Change Management in Technology and Social Issues reflecting today's' societal ills. He is currently an Adjunct Instructor at Chicago State University.

The soft cover book (ISBN: 0-9752702-0-6) is scheduled for release September 2004, $13.95, and can be picked up from stores where books are sold. It can also be ordered from Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com or directly from P1P,LLC, by visiting their website at www.platinumonepublishing.com

For more information or to receive a review copy, please contact: Katrina Taylor, Platinum One Publishing at 21W551 North Ave., Suite 132, Lombard, IL 60148


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