Street Smart Survival Skills -- Author Outlines Basic Steps to Prevent or Escape Threatening Situations

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

LEEDS, England, August 25, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- From dark, downtown alleys to quaint, suburban neighborhoods, criminals lurk everywhere. In his new book, Protect You: The Street Smart Way (now available through AuthorHouse), Sylvan Clarke arms people with the knowledge and skills they need to fight back.

Protect You begins with an examination of the relationship between criminal activity and drug use. In simple and direct language, Clarke details possible motives behind violent and aggressive behavior and reveals warning signs people can look for if they suspect loved ones are using drugs. He also lists precautions readers can take to avoid falling victim to predators, such as maintaining heightened awareness, implementing better home and automobile security and practicing simple defensive maneuvers.

Clarke teaches survival techniques in a way that readers can easily understand and incorporate into their daily lives. He then describes threatening scenarios in which these skills can be put to use. The various situations have a touch of humor in their portrayal of criminals, yet the message remains powerful and sobering. He ends the book with a chapter that describes various martial arts for people who choose to enhance their survival savvy.

"This book will give you the power to unlock the tremendous success potential we are all born with, giving you fresh hope for yourself and the communities in which we live," writes Clarke.

Loaded with insight, Protect You offers sound advice to navigate safely through the dangers humans face every day.

Clarke lives in England, where he works as a defensive tactics consultant and trainer, security consultant and a self defense and martial arts instructor. He is the senior executive operations manager for the Inter Fong Tien Martial Arts and Sports Academy and has earned numerous qualifications in various defense disciplines.

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