If it Weren't for the Killer Bear -- New Book a Suspense Thriller You Simply Can't Put Down

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Aug. 31, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- They say that before you die, or at least when you are staring death in the eye, your whole life passes before your eyes. In the case of Bob, the lead character in James O'Brien's new novel, Another Life, a cruel twist of fate took place, leaving his life forever changed.

Bob and his wife, Karla, are celebrating their third anniversary at a mountain cabin in the northern part of the Oregon mountains when their lives are turned upside down when a killer bear attacks. Amidst the struggle with the bear, Karla disappears. The hunt for her takes many turns from the wilderness to the courtroom because of a local deputy's suspicion. Special mountain tracking dogs as well as area experts find few clues, but Bob never gives up and never quits searching for his beloved wife. Thanks to the reappearance of the killer bear, Bob's hunt for Karla takes on a new direction where he comes across something totally unexpected. His life changes anew in the wilderness and he finds another life where only despair had been.

Dubbed by Hollywood actor-producer Tom Holland as a "terrific first ffort," Another Life allows James O'Brien to emerge as a formidable new voice in American literature. His masterful command of language and brilliant literary dexterity allow him to careen through the complex landscape of human emotions, creating a thrilling and emotionally charged tale of love and survival, loss, and discovery.

About the Author

James was born in Santa Barbara, California, in 1947. A few years later, he and his family moved to the dryer climate of the San Joaquin Valley. He grew up, went to school and started his own family in and around Bakersfield. He and his wife, Nancy, have raised their six children there and, with five grandchildren, are looking forward to traveling and exploring this wonderful country. It is interesting to note that James never enjoyed reading or writing until he wore his first pair of glasses at the age of twenty-eight.

                 Another Life -- By James O'Brien
                  Publication Date: May 25, 2004
         Trade Paperback; $21.99; 273 pages; 1-4134-4562-4
          Cloth Hardback; $31.99; 273 pages; 1-4134-4563-2

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