Raven Moon's "Gina D's Kids Club" to Begin Airing This Month -- as Featured on MacReport.net

Heathrow, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 1, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. (OTCBB:RVNM) is pleased to announce that CEO Joey DiFrancesco has been featured on MacReport.net. In his interview, Mr. DiFrancesco discussed Raven Moon's new "Gina D's Kids Club" which will air in September on over 40% of the US Markets as reported when the interview was recorded on August 25, 2004.

"The 13 episodes of 'Gina D's Kids Club' is a real asset," stated Mr. DiFrancesco. "We have completed all 13 episodes on time and they're ready to be delivered to over 40% of the market including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas."

In his interview on MacReport.net, Joey DiFrancesco reported that at the last shareholders meeting the boards of directors were approved by an overwhelming majority with 99% of the votes. In attendance at the meeting were former Survivor All Stars Rupert Boneham and Rob Cesternino.

In his interview, Joey DiFrancesco called his new project, "Amazon Challenge" which was created in 1989, "way ahead of its time. Amazon Challenge is a combination of Survivor, American Idol, Fear Factor, and the Miss America Contest all rolled into one."

Raven Moon CEO Joey DiFrancesco reported in his interview that Raven Moon will be issuing an additional Clubhouse Videos Inc. dividend to shareholders of record as of September 15, 2004, once Clubhouse Videos Inc. begins trading.

The additional Clubhouse Videos Inc. dividend will allow Raven Moon Entertainment to relinquish any influence it may have over Clubhouse Videos, Inc. Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. shall pay a dividend of Clubhouse Videos, Inc. shares (approximately 6% of the outstanding shares) currently being held by Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. to Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. shareholders of record as of September 15, 2004, once Clubhouse Videos, Inc. begins trading.

Raven Moon recently granted Club House Videos Inc. a one year extension for the distribution of the "Gina D's Kids Club" videos, DVDs, and music CDs. The original deal resulted in a $1.8 million reduction of Raven Moon's debt and a stock dividend for all of Raven Moon's shareholders. Club House Videos received the rights to many of "Gina D's Kids Club's" videos, DVDs, and CD products including the Christmas Special. The "Gina D's Kids Club" Television Show has inspired fourteen products of which Club House Videos has the exclusive rights; "Gina D's Kids Club" Volume 1, ("Join The Club"), "Gina D's Kids Club" Volume 2, ("Good News"), "Gina D's Kids Club" Volume 3, ("Smile-A-bility"), the "Gina D's Kids Club" Three Episode DVD, "Gina D's Cuddle Bug Christmas" VHS and DVD, the "Gina D's Kids Club" Music CD Volume 1 & 2, the "Young America" Limited Edition CD single, "Gina D's Dance Party Music CD", the "Sing A Long With Gina" VHS and DVD, "Cuddle Bug" plush toy, and the "Christmas Cuddle Bug".

As part of the new agreement Club House had the right to acquire new "Gina D's Kids Club" videos, DVDs, and CDs for $300,000 per Video/DVD and $100,000 for each "Gina D's Kids Club" Music CD plus 25% of gross revenues to be paid to Raven Moon Entertainment.

For Joey DiFrancesco's complete interview visit www.macreport.net.

The syndication process of these programs currently under the direction of Role Entertainment, (201) 568-4800, will set a new standard for children's television for years to come. This fall, children across America will be able to watch the best new program since "Sesame Street" on select PBS, WB, UPN, and ABC stations.

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