The ERP of Broadcast Management Systems Offers All-In-One Industry Solution to U.S. Broadcasters

Mission Viejo, California, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- SintecMedia, "THE NATION'S PREMIERE BROADCAST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM," now provides broadcasters throughout the U.S. with the only all-in-one software solution available. SintecMedia is the developer of OnAir - a fully integrated software system designed to meet the rapidly changing management needs of broadcasters. OnAir is designed both for a single station as well as entire networks and station groups, operating multi-channels over multiple regions and time-zones. It features a set of powerful sales and content inventory tools that result in increased efficiency and greater profits.

"At SintecMedia, we are committed to providing the North American marketplace with the best in broadcast operations. We are very excited to be offering OnAir, our fully integrated software system solution, which features an array of enterprise tools fitted to meet the ever-changing needs of the broadcast industry," said Chanan Weiss, President of SintecMedia Inc.

As opposed to competing products on the market, OnAir was conceived as an enterprise system designed to solve the management needs of medium and large broadcasters, rather than as an application for a TV station. Its unique features include: enterprise-wide deployment capabilities, including a highly sophisticated security system governing all data and actions; en extensive toolkit that enables broadcasters to customize the system to fit their internal business processes. This includes the definition of business rules as well as the adaptation of forms and screens. Together with its robust architecture, OnAir can be deployed across highly centralized as well as decentralized or regionalized broadcast enterprises.

OnAir is also the only fully scalable solution on the market, offering robust performance and high availability and is the only system that can support complex network structures.

SintecMedia provides its customers with a range of services, including customization, data migration, integration, training, and customer support.

As a modular system, OnAir's core design is flexible and provides for easy customization, offering additional functionality to each customer. SintecMedia's data migration service provides a smooth transition from the existing legacy system to OnAir, which saves on data re-entry. SintecMedia's data migration experts first review, then define the relationship between legacy data and the RDBMS tables, thereby identifying each customer's data manipulation needs. In the final stage experts convert the data, while validating the new data. SintecMedia also provides seamless integration with various automation systems, as well as a range of financial and accounting systems to those organizations that have invested heavily in various hardware and software components. A specially developed API enables external vendors to communicate directly with the OnAir system. Customers are also provided with a training plan to bring OnAir users up to speed as quickly as possible. SintecMedia's Customer Support Department provides rapid resolutions to software-related issues including help-desk telephone support and remote access care, to ensure the continuous broadcasting operations of mission critical systems. And, for particularly challenging problems, a skilled team of software engineers with access to specialized programming resources is also on-hand.

About SintecMedia and OnAir

Introduced in 2001, OnAir is an all-in-one solution for management of terrestrial, cable, satellite, digital, and pay TV broadcast operations that accommodates multiple concurrent users at different locations. OnAir manages content acquisition, broadcast rights, long-term and detailed schedule planning, airtime sales, traffic management, promotion planning, media management, and process control. It features a set of robust sales and content inventory tools that result in increased efficiency and greater profits for single stations, large networks, and station groups operating multiple channels across regions and time zones.

SintecMedia is a leading manufacturer of broadcast management applications and the developer of OnAir - a fully integrated software system designed to meet the rapidly changing management needs of broadcasters. SintecMedia is a member of the Formula Group.

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