Diamond in the Rough: The Raw Power of Nature

Jewelry With An Attitude! A Revolutionary Trend! A Unique Holiday Present!


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Diamond in the Rough brings natural rough diamonds back to the consumer with untouched, unpolished natural rough diamonds in their pure and powerful state. Diamond in the Rough specializes in designing and producing unique fashion jewelry using natural rough diamonds, under the direction of in-house designer Pierre Garms. The handcrafted nature of the jewelry makes each and every piece as unique as the person who wears it.

Natural Rough diamonds, just like faceted diamonds, come in a variety of amazing colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, cognac and of course, white. Designer Pierre Garms sets them in resin and surrounds them with other earthly materials such as turquoise, volcanic sand, copper, red coral and pink quartz. These original designs each come with an IGI certificate testifying to the diamond's authenticity and include a faceted polished diamond to give each piece extra sparkle!

Across time and cultures, diamonds have been associated with lightning, magic, healing and protection. In Ancient Egypt they were symbols of Eternity. In the Middle Ages, it was only men who possessed diamonds, as a symbol of their courage and virility.

A Diamond in the Rough necklace makes a wonderful holiday gift as unique as the person that will wear it.

Each piece is handmade and therefore no two are alike!

Drawing on the earth's primordial spirit, this unique and innovative jewelry blends the defiant power of uncut diamonds with the beauty of human charisma and imagination.



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