Apollo Scientific Appointed as Distributor of Generic Prescription Drugs for Rising Sun Holdings Inc.

IMS Health's Annual IMS World Review Reveals that Combined Audited and Estimated Unaudited Global Pharmaceutical Sales Grew 9% at a Constant Dollar Rate in 2003 to Reach $491.8 Billion; Audited Sales Increased 9% to $466.3 Billion


TORONTO, Dec. 2, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Food Safe International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:FSIJ), soon to be renamed Apollo Scientific Group, announced today that it is pleased to be appointed as an exclusive sales agent and a distributor of Generic prescription drugs for Rising Sun Holding Inc. in the countries of Ukraine, Russia and Brazil, manufactured by Rising Sun Holding's affiliates in India at Good Manufacturing Practices -- GMP -- certified facilities.

Food Safe's new CEO, Eugene Zabolotsky stated, "We are looking forward to working closely with Rising Sun Holdings on the number of projects, their expertise and reputation in the field of drug manufacturing is superb; it is nice to be partnering up with a leader."

About Food Safe International

Food Safe intends to eliminate food safety and sanitation issues and provide methods to improve procedures to minimize risk and liability. Food is one of the most mobile commodities traded internationally. Consumers are asking more questions and demanding answers. Whether the commodity is spices (insect contamination), beef (E. coli), strawberries (Hepatitis A, salmonella), fish (mercury) or any of thousands of foods traded globally, consumers and buyers are demanding new standards of quality, safety and nutritional value. Protecting people from food borne illness is Food Safe's number-one priority. Food Safe's comprehensive program is a proactive approach to food safety. Spurred into action by food crises in the global beef industry, there is an international consensus that producers and food industry stakeholders require a reliable methodology and technology for verifying food production and food safety.

About Apollo Scientific Group

Apollo's biotech R&D division intends to develop and market pharmaceuticals in the therapeutic areas of oncology, cardiology, diabetes and other life threatening diseases. Additionally, Apollo has been researching and is developing the business model for creating stem cell banks and stem cell treatment facilities. Apollo Scientific Group has a seasoned management team, supportive advisors and investor base.

Rising Sun Holdings, Inc.

Rising Sun Holdings Inc. is a privately held generic drug procurement company and is functioning as a procurer of generic agents from India, which is a global leader in generic drug manufacturing.

The data is from IMS HEALTH (www.imshealth.com), the world's premier supplier of market research, business analysis, forecasting and sales management services to the global pharmaceutical industry. The IMS World Review tracks actual sales of approximately 90% of all prescription drugs, totaling over one million brands, as well as specific over-the-counter products in more than 80 countries.

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