Whale Communications' SSL VPN Achieves Independent Certification from the VPN Consortium

Whale Helps Set Usability Standards for SSL VPN Products in First Round of Consortium Testing

Fort Lee, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

FORT LEE, N.J., Dec. 15, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Whale Communications, the leading SSL VPN provider, today announced that its e-Gap Remote Access Appliance has been tested and certified by the VPN Consortium (VPNC), the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market.

VPNC certification involves extensive real-world environment testing which includes functional requirements to ensure interoperability and usability with commonly used applications. As one of the first SSL VPN vendors to have passed the SSL Portal and SSL Exchange logo tests, Whale is helping to drive the certification criteria to ensure worldwide standards for SSL VPN solutions.

"We are pleased that leading vendors like Whale are working with us to shape the standards in the SSL VPN market to provide greater customer assurance in this burgeoning space," said Paul Hoffman, director of VPNC. "It is the commitment of industry leaders such as Whale that ensures the technology bar will be set high in the SSL VPN market. Through our testing process we found that Whale's focus on the application layer provides enterprises with a solution that delivers more access from more locations to more user groups."

Whale's President Daniel Steiner said, "This testing is part of our longstanding commitment to ensuring enterprises are given the utmost security and functionality today and in the future. Receiving the two VPNC logos is yet another assurance that our product has been tested in a vendor-neutral environment, and our enterprise customers can be confident in their choice of Whale's e-Gap Remote Access Appliance."

The VPNC's logo certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that rigorously tests and validates SSL VPNs in simulated real-world environments. Results of the test, including in-depth explanations of what was performed, are publicly and freely available at www.vpnc.org/testing.html.

"We are pleased to be among the first products to have passed the SSL Portal and SSL Exchange logo tests conducted by such a respected organization," said Noam Ben-Yochanan, CTO of Whale Communications. "Having pioneered much of the security deployed in the SSL VPN market, it is critical for us to have a product that interoperates seamlessly with enterprise applications in spite of high level security measures."

Whale's e-Gap Remote Access solutions are at the forefront of technology development in the SSL VPN market and are setting the security standard for anywhere remote access. Whale's application aware technology, optimized for access to leading business applications, also delivers the utmost flexibility. Whale's solutions provide deep levels of security policy granularity, enhance user experience, and easily integrate and leverage existing network infrastructures. This translates into more remote access hours spent by company employees and partners, leading to a significant increase in productivity.

About VPNC

VPNC is the international trade association for manufacturers in the VPN market. The group has 30 vendor members worldwide representing the entire range of VPN servers and client products. Full information on the consortium, as well as technical information on VPNs and the IPsec standard, can be found at www.vpnc.org. VPNC's site has long been considered one of the best resources for information on VPNs, and includes links to all members' sites, white papers from member companies, and access to the VPNC Update newsletter. www.vpnc.org

About Whale Communications

Whale Communications is the leading enterprise-class SSL VPN vendor, enabling companies to provide employees, business partners and customers secure access to corporate data and applications from any web browser. Named a leader, visionary and tier-one SSL VPN player by major analysts such as Gartner, META Group, Forrester and Frost & Sullivan, Whale's SSL VPN products have also won numerous industry awards such as Network Computing magazine's Best SSL VPN for 2004. Its solutions have been securing enterprises worldwide since it was founded in 1998. Privately held, Whale is funded by prominent venture firms and industry leaders, including Goldman Sachs, Soros Private Equity Partners and the BRM Group, the founding investor of Check Point Software Technologies. The company is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and has international offices in Israel, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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