Ben Franklin Awards $2,050,000 to Regional Companies

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 4, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP) today announced that it has invested $2,050,000 in nine regional technology companies to support prototype and product development. Company profiles and investment information are outlined below. These companies now join Ben Franklin's portfolio of approximately 130 regional companies, representing more than $20 million of invested funds in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Aereon Solutions, Bucks County - $250,000

Aereon Solutions develops service automation solutions that leverage the Internet and wireless technology. BFTP/SEP funding will be used to continue the company's development of field service automation platforms for equipment and site-based service businesses.

Audiofy Corporation, Philadelphia County - $250,000

Audiofy Corporation develops products for the digital audiobook market, working with the industry to transition away from cassette tape, the current audiobook standard, into the digital world. BFTP/SEP funds will be used to complete the final development of the platform making it suitable for use internally by Audiofy and by their production partners.

Center for Technology Transfer (CTT)-University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County - $150,000

CTT is developing technology for a minimally invasive heart valve replacement. The initial device design is intended for mitral valve replacement with potential for future applications in aortic valve replacement. BFTP/SEP funds will be used to form a new company, develop prototypes, in-license the technology from the University of Pennsylvania, develop a business plan and recruit management.

Enigma Publishing, Ltd., Montgomery County - $150,000

Enigma Publishing, Ltd. develops software to add to existing systems that collect patient healthcare data. The company supports the drive for improved health outcomes by making critical information available to doctors and other healthcare professionals at the point of care: reducing error, improving quality and saving time. The BFTP/SEP funded project will result in the creation of a seamless plug-in interface for existing software platforms used by primary health care providers.

Epsilon Energy Systems Corporation, Montgomery County - $250,000

Epsilon Energy Systems Corporation helps commercial and industrial customers control, manage, and monitor their energy costs and reduce energy consumption as well as optimize industrial production management by identifying idle machinery in real time and improving production planning. BFTP/SEP funds will be used for the development and commercialization of an Application Service Provider (ASP) version for the US market, allowing for increased information flow to decision makers at remote sites.

Nomadio, Inc, Philadelphia County, $250,000

Nomadio, Inc. creates proprietary technology for controlling unmanned air and ground vehicles. The BFTP/SEP funded manufacturing project will result in the development and initial launch of the Sensor System, a controller hardware platform for collecting vehicle telemetry data and exercising control over robotic devices - namely ground vehicles.

Polymedix, Inc., Montgomery County - $250,000

Polymedix, Inc., develops novel non-peptide protein-mimetic biomimetics drugs for membrane protein and protein:protein targets. The BFTP/SEP award will aid in the synthesis of additional antibiotic compounds and testing.

RealWinWin, Inc., Philadelphia County, $250,000

RealWinWin, Inc., provides energy usage optimization services to owners and operators of commercial real estate. In 2003, Real WinWin developed a comprehensive business process outsourcing solution designed to manage rebate collection. The BFTP/SEP funded project will result in the development of new software for expediting rebate processing services.

Sansrosa Pharmaceutical Development, Inc., Montgomery County - $250,000

Sansrosa Pharmaceutical Development, Inc., focuses on the development of a new generation of dermatological products for the treatment of rosacea. The BFTP/SEP award will fund a Phase I clinical development program.Thom Rossi - 610.940.0300

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