Unanimous FCC Decision Combines Satellite Ubiquity With Terrestrial Efficiency

Mobile Satellite Ventures to Deploy Hybrid Wireless Network

Reston, Virginia, UNITED STATES

RESTON, Va., Feb. 28, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) announced today that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released the text of its new rules for the deployment and operation of an ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) to mobile satellite service (MSS) systems. The text, released on Friday, contains the details of the unanimous decision announced by the FCC at its February 10, 2005 public meeting. The Order provides MSV with substantial additional uplink and downlink flexibility, allowing it to significantly lower the cost of ATC deployment and increase MSS/ATC hybrid system capacity. The additional flexibility provided by the Commission's decision will allow MSV to offer users very affordable and reliable voice and high-speed data communications from virtually everywhere on the continent.

The Order rejected arguments that would have unnecessarily limited ATC flexibility. Instead, the FCC reaffirmed the fundamental underpinnings of its 2003 decision and wisely excised many unnecessary constraints that would have limited the spectral efficiency and communications efficacy of ATC. In addition to MSV, a global list of companies and industries supported the FCC's decision to make ATC a reality including automobile manufacturers, chipset and device companies, satellite manufacturers, state space agencies, public safety users, and other businesses that see the significant advantage of combining the ubiquity of satellites with the massive scale of terrestrial communications. Specifically, the Commission's landmark decision recognized the essential nature of ATC in providing unparalleled spectral efficiency and communications efficacy to MSS users in populous areas, and that it can do so at an insignificant cost of interference potential to other systems. As such, the Commission has wisely abandoned limits on the number of ATC base stations and has provided nearly a 10-fold increase in power per ATC base station sector. The additional flexibility will allow ATC infrastructure to use existing tower sites thus drastically reducing its deployment cost.

Alexander H. Good, vice chairman and chief executive officer of MSV, hailed the FCC decision. "The FCC has established a landmark in spectrum management that will bring huge benefits to the American public and will be emulated around the world," said Mr. Good. "This Order gives MSV the green light to build a hybrid system that marries the best of satellite for true nationwide coverage with the best of terrestrial wireless for high-quality, high-capacity service in densely-populated areas. We expect to provide unique two-way mobile services to tens of millions of Americans. Like satellite radio, our hybrid satellite ATC system is an innovative technology that will appeal to millions of users by combining seamless satellite and terrestrial connectivity -- always on, everywhere."

MSV is the leader in ATC development with 4 patents granted and 55 patent applications for virtually every element of the ATC. The very strong position created by its recent $230 million equity funding announcement enables MSV to aggressively pursue its ATC development.

About Mobile Satellite Ventures

Mobile Satellite Ventures is developing the next generation hybrid wireless network that will use a powerful satellite constellation working in unison with MSV's patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology to deliver seamless wireless services to end-users over standard wireless devices.

MSV is North America's premier provider of mobile satellite communications. Delivering service since 1996, MSV offers customers a wide choice of wireless data, voice, fax and dispatch radio services via its two MSAT satellites. MSV provides superior capacity and reliability for customers across North America, northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and in coastal waters.

The MSV investor group includes Motient Corporation (Pink Sheets:MNCP), SkyTerra Communications (OTC: SKYT), TMI Communications, Columbia Capital, and Spectrum Equity Investors

MSV has offices in Reston, Va., and Ottawa, On. For more information, visit MSV online at www.msvlp.com.


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