Cambodian Ventures Limited Discusses the Potential for Precious Mineral Exploration in Cambodia

Lowell,, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

LOWELL, Mass. and PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, April 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cambodian Ventures Limited (Pink Sheets:CMBV), a junior mining company focused on exploration and mining of precious minerals in Cambodia, discussed the potential for economically viable precious mineralization deposits in Cambodia. Gary Fineberg, CEO of Cambodian Ventures Limited stated today: "There has been a lot of discussion on why anybody would choose to start a company in Cambodia to focus on exploration and mining of precious minerals. The answer is simple: tremendous ground floor opportunity." Gary outlined the following eleven reasons why Cambodian Ventures is focused on exploring for precious mineralization in Cambodia.

 1. Based on work by the French, most geologists agree that there is 
    great potential for abundant mineral resources.

 2. There have been significant gold exploitation in Thailand and 
    Vietnam, both of which have similar geological characteristics to 

 3. Widespread high-grade mineralization has been anecdotally observed 
    in the country indicating there are possibly considerable amounts 
    of precious and other types of metals.

 4. According to the Cambodian Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Energy 
    there are 19 known gold deposits in the country  which have had 
    limited exploitation.
 5. Mining in Cambodia is small-scale by international standards.

 6. Mineral exploration using modern geological techniques has been  
    limited in Cambodia, presenting interesting opportunities for 
    junior mining companies using state-of-the-art exploration 

 7. Cambodia has not been developed for large-scale precious metal 
    extraction because of internal conflict and war for the last forty 

 8. Cambodia's evolution from a fragmented society towards a stable 
    regime, friendly to foreign investment, has not yet paid dividends 
    in the form of a rush of potential mineral investors.

 9. Cambodia's government regulations and licenses for mining are the
    most favorable in the region. Cambodian government allows 100% 
    ownership by foreign investors and takes only 3% of sales amount 
    for royalties.

 10. Cambodian Ventures management has significant experience in 
     mining and exploration in Cambodia, having spent three years with 
     another mining and exploration company focused exclusively in 

 11. Cambodian Ventures intends to be at the forefront of exploration 
     and development in Cambodia. We intend to capitalize on these 
     underdeveloped mineral deposits thereby producing extraordinary 
     returns for investors. 

Cambodian Ventures Limited's mission is to obtain licenses for the exploration and mining of precious minerals in Cambodia. Cambodian Ventures intends to carry out exploration activities in regions containing gold and other precious minerals.

Safe Harbor Statement: The statements, other than the statements of historical facts may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements with respect to events, the occurrence of which involves risk and uncertainties, including, without limitation, demand and competition for the company's products and services, the availability to the company of adequate financing to support its anticipated activities, the ability of the company to generate cash flow from operations and the ability of the company to manage its operations.


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