Plasticon International's New Slab Bolster Mold Represents Quantum Leap in Recycled Plastics Manufacturing Technology

New Product Affirms Plasticon's Role as the Technology Leader in Recycled Plastics Sector


LEXINGTON, Ky., May 16, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Plasticon International Inc. (Pink Sheets:PLNI) today announced it has procured a revolutionary slab bolster mold, which will allow the company to dramatically increase production capacity and create an even more cost-effective production cycle.

"This new technology has the potential to transform our industry, in terms of cost savings, efficiencies, and the ease of use for our end users," said Jim Turek, President and CEO of Plasticon International, Inc.

Production capacity of the company's patented Slab Bolster rebar support product with the new mold now increases to 60 feet per shot verses 10 feet for the older generation of molds. This is an explosive increase of 600 percent in production capability and allows for approximately 42,000,000 feet to be produced annually.

"There are three competitive advantages this technology gives our company," Mr. Turek said. "First it gives us the ability to significantly improve output costs. Second, it gives us the ability to radically increase production capacity and productivity as our sales continue to increase. And third, our patented snap lock design eliminates overlapping in the installation of rebar support, so our customers will realize tremendous savings on both labor costs and materials."

In the construction industry, overlapping occurs with conventional support products when they are placed and overlapped as the sections are joined together. Plasticon's new snap lock design results in a 6% to 7% savings in the costs of materials on every application by completely eliminating overlapping. Additionally, overall labor costs are lowered as the conventional process of overlapping and tying the supports together is also eliminated.

Sales from the increased production capabilities of the new mold could top $12,000,000.00, a major portion of which is already under contract. "As we continue to expand our sales efforts, we believe this technology gives us an unmistakable edge over our competition. We are committed to delivering the advantages of our new product to our expanding customer base worldwide. We are also committed to ongoing research and development so that Plasticon International can continue to redefine the technology of plastic." Mr. Turek discussed the new product announcement in a CEO webcast, which can be viewed online at by the general public on The Green Baron Investors Society's website at on Monday, May 16, 2005.

About the Slab Bolster Product

The Slab Bolster product is used to support steel reinforcing bar in concrete structures. This single product replaces all six of the existing support products, including wire, wire tipped, wired pipped, stainless, galvanized, and epoxy coated slab bolsters.

The new Slab Bolster's unique engineering and design features offers many advantages over conventional rebar support products.

Plasticon's Slab Bolster product:

 -- Maintains its tolerance even after rebar has been placed
    on it, thereby eliminating the need to continually adjust
    the supports to meet engineering design specifications.
 -- Does not rust.
 -- Does not absorb water.
 -- Does not decay with exposure to salt water (chloride ion attack).
 -- Does not conduct electricity (It is 'non-dielectric').

One of the major advantages to Plasticon's products is they reduce a huge problem in the construction industry: SPAULLING. Spaulling is the phenomenon where concrete tends to crack or break away, which is caused primarily by dielectric support products rusting or decaying. "Conventional support products, which conduct electricity and are known as 'dielectric', are notorious for spaulling problems," Mr. Turek said. "However, our product reduces spaulling because of the way our products are engineered and manufactured."

About Plasticon International Inc.

Plasticon International ( designs, produces, and distributes high-quality concrete accessories, transportation signage, plastic lumber, and office supplies which are all produced from recycled and recyclable plastics. Plasticon is a leader, an innovator of cutting edge design, engineering, and production of industrial and commercial products. Plasticon is a green Company, environmentally friendly, using recycled plastics to produce its line of products.

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