Mobile Satellite Ventures Receives FCC Authority For Next Generation L Band Satellite

Reston, Virginia, UNITED STATES

RESTON, Va., May 25, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) announced today that it received Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorization to launch and operate a next generation L Band satellite at the 101 Degrees W.L. orbit location. This authorization follows the April 5, 2005 Industry Canada authorization to MSV's Canadian affiliate for an L band satellite at 107.3 Degrees W.L. Use of the two authorizations together enables MSV to replace its existing satellites and utilize the full complement of spectrum available to it today.

The FCC previously granted MSV the first-ever authorization to enhance its satellite system with a terrestrial component that will enable MSV to deploy the most sophisticated and powerful hybrid satellite/terrestrial mobile system ever over North America. Subscribers will use wireless devices that are virtually identical to current cellular phones in terms of aesthetics, cost, form factor, and functionality.

"The FCC's authorization enables MSV to deploy a ubiquitous, interoperable and redundant integrated satellite-terrestrial system that will allow us to finally fulfill the dream of wireless everywhere," Alexander H. Good, vice chairman and chief executive officer of MSV, said praising the FCC's decision. "This authorization allows us to move our focus from the regulatory arena to building out the world's most innovative and capable wireless network using the most powerful satellites ever built and our patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology."

In its order, the FCC continued its policy of limiting its MSS space station licensees to 10 MHz of spectrum. This is the same amount of spectrum the FCC assigned to MSV's existing satellite at 101 Degrees W.L. MSV plans to launch its new satellites by the end of the decade, replacing MSV's existing satellites, MSAT-1 and MSAT-2. In addition, MSV already holds an FCC authorization at the 63.5 Degrees W.L. orbit location to provide its next generation services to South America.

About Mobile Satellite Ventures

Mobile Satellite Ventures is developing the next generation hybrid wireless network that will use a powerful satellite constellation working in unison with MSV's patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology to deliver seamless wireless services to end-users over standard wireless devices.

MSV is North America's premier provider of mobile satellite communications. Delivering service since 1996, MSV offers customers a wide choice of wireless data, voice, fax and dispatch radio services via its existing U.S. and Canadian licensed satellites. MSV provides superior capacity and reliability for customers across North America, northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and in coastal waters.

The MSV investor group includes Motient Corporation (Pink Sheets:MNCP), SkyTerra Communications (OTCBB:SKYT), TMI Communications, Columbia Capital, and Spectrum Equity Investors.

MSV has offices in Reston, Va., and Ottawa, On. For more information, visit MSV online at


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