Psychology Key to Preventing Information Security Damage -- New Book Examines Links Between Employee Behavior and Companies' Safeguard Policies

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 30, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- In the past year, an alarming increase in identify theft and other devastating incidents of compromised security wreaked by computer hackers have left companies scrambling for better safeguards and their clients understandably wary. Although technology provides infinite possibilities of storing, using and sharing information, pitfalls abound in the cyber realm. In his new book, Information Security Awareness: The Psychology Behind the Technology (now available through AuthorHouse) Timothy P. Layton Sr. offers a unique approach to this critical aspect in the world of business.

Written for managers and leaders of this field, the book focuses on the behaviors of information systems users in an organizational setting and why they are critical to successful security programs. Rather than taking a traditional, technological approach, Layton explores six key psychological aspects of people's behaviors: motivation, attitude, beliefs, personality, morals and ethics. These elements are the basis for The Psychology of Security and Technology or POST(tm), a new framework he has created.

Specifically, Layton discusses how these elements relate to and impact an information security program. He emphasizes that recent research in organizational psychology and information security awareness has found the current approach to companies' communities of information users flawed. His book offers an alternative "prescriptive approach," which focuses on users' internalization of information security messages and policies.

With its unique answer to a potentially devastating problem, Information Security Awareness helps managers and organizational leaders safeguard their companies by utilizing the indispensable psychological element.

Layton earned a bachelor's degree in business administration and graduated magna cum laude before earning his Master of Business Administration. He is pursuing a doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology. In addition to his academic achievements, he holds numerous certifications in his field. He has 20 years of experience in the information technology and security field and created the "Security Awareness Train the Trainer" curriculum for The SANS Institute, a highly trusted facility for information security training and certification known worldwide. He founded two information technology and information security firms before joining a global financial organization. Layton travels internationally identifying and assessing information security risks for organizations. He is currently a member of a Fortune 50 financial corporate information security team and is working on his next book. For more information, visit


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