Prevent Wrinkles? Dermaplus, Inc. Says: 'Yes, It Can'; Arizona Professor Claims to Find Holy Grail of Skin Care

NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Burt D. Ensley, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Dermaplus Products, Inc., announced today the launch of its first anti-aging topical skin cream product based upon its exclusive patented ingredient "Elastatropin." The product, marketed under the name "Dermalastyl-B", works by increasing the amount of elastin in the skin.

Elastin is an elemental human protein that, along with collagen, is one of the principal components of human skin. The main cause of both wrinkles and facial sagging is the gradual loss of elastin in aged or photo-damaged skin. Elastin loss was previously thought to be irreversible. Elastatropin is made from "Tropoelastin," a precursor to human elastin that replicates the human genetic sequence for elastin. It has been shown by scientists at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in Philadelphia to enter into the outer skin layers and then become cross-linked with collagen and other proteins to expand the extra cellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is a sponge-like structure that forms the flexible backbone of the skin.

The new product is based on the patents and technology originally developed by Dr. Ensley -- in connection with the Department of Defense agency DARPA -- to synthesize human skin to allow for scarless healing of war wounds and even regeneration of lost limbs. Elastin holds cells together into tissues and provides natural support and flexibility. The absence of elastin in wounds directly leads to the formation of scar tissue.

Dr. Ensley, former director of research at Amgen, is currently on the faculties of the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. He served an unprecedented six-year term on the National Science Foundation's BIO-AC. He holds over 16 patents in molecular biology including many covering cosmetic applications of Tropoelastin.

Dr. Ensley says, "Many attempts have been made to utilize elastin as a component of cosmetic products. The materials previously sold as elastin in cosmetics came from animals such as cows, and bear a greater resemblance to beef stew than to native elastin. Through an exclusive process, Dermaplus produces an exact replica of human elastin in transgenic micro-organisms and plants. The data used to generate the genetic sequences for Tropoelastin is derived from our exclusive database of messenger RNA sequences for human tissue. This database was developed by Dermaplus in collaboration with Modular Genetics, Inc. of Cambridge, Mass."

Dr. Ensley continued, "The most advanced cosmetics sold today, such as Olay Regenerist(1) and Strivectin(1) contain peptides that are combinations of six amino acids at best. Tropoelastin is a complex chain of over 600 amino acids . . . The experts in the field insisted that the Tropoelastin molecule was simply too large to work in topical cosmetic applications. The TJU researchers were shocked when the results of their study showed significant uptake of our elastin into the outer skin layers.

"We now have formidable evidence that small amounts of Tropoelastin applied daily can stop the loss of elastin through the normal aging process. Continued regular use can eventually replenish elastin to pre-middle age levels."

Dr. Ensley recommends that the use of products containing Tropoelastin be started in early adulthood so that small amounts applied daily will maintain youthful levels of elastin. "Think of it as preventative maintenance for your face, a kind of wrinkle insurance."

Dr. Ensley says that products containing his exclusive ingredients will be a safe alternative to painful and dangerous Botox(1) injections. They also can be used with Botox to allow formation of new wrinkle-free skin in the area deadened by the toxic injections. More importantly, the products will replenish sufficient elastin to significantly slow or prevent the process of facial sagging. Used properly, they will reduce the need for cosmetic surgery to tighten the skin, and extend the life of previous surgery.

The first product, Dermalastyl-B, a daily use restorative cream, is available only on the Internet at

 (1) Olay Regenerist is a trademark of Proctor & Gamble
     Strivectin is a trademark of Klein Becker
     Botox is a trademark of Allergan


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