Cord Blood America Adds Third Stem Cell Practice, Enters Into Agreement With Bio-Matrix Scientific Group to Store Adipose Stem Cells

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cord Blood America, Inc. (OTCBB:CBAI), an umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company, is pleased to announce a further significant advance in the development of its adult stem cell practice by entering into an agreement with Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. for the purpose of marketing Bio-Matrix services throughout the United States. On August 24, 2005, Cord Blood America announced its agreement with NeoStem, to market storage services for adult peripheral stem cells. Today's announcement adds a third stem cell product of cryogenic preservation for Cord Blood America's current and future customers. Bio-Matrix is discovering, developing and cryogenically storing cell-based therapeutics utilizing adult stem cells derived from adipose, also known as fat tissue.

Matthew L. Schissler, Chairman and CEO of Cord Blood America, states, "We have, in essence, completed the trifecta. Cord Blood America has, and continues to add, a client base educated and interested in storing stem cells. Adding Bio-Matrix as our partner laboratory for adipose stem cell storage now gives us three adult stem cell storage offerings -- cord blood, adult peripheral stem cells and adipose stem cells. Unlike embryonic, all three have the advantage of being non-controversial."

Mr. Schissler adds, "We are very pleased to join forces with a company that is as committed as we are. This agreement allows us to leverage our expertise, current customer base and future customer base, to offer a third stem cell offering while continuing to maintain minimal customer acquisition costs. This is a win-win for everybody and shareholders should continue to be proud of the reputation for marketing that Cord Blood America has earned amongst its peers."


Compared with other sources such as bone marrow, adipose tissue is easier to obtain and offers a much higher yield of adult stem cells due to its autologous nature. Autologous refers to tissue that is derived or transferred from the same individual's body and is intended to eliminate the rejection problems associated with transplants from different donors.

As a strong sign of its intention to become a leader in this specific field, Bio-Matrix recently secured a 15,000 sq ft testing facility in California, which formerly belonged to the American Red Cross. The Company plans to build-out 3 stem cell research laboratories and a stem cell bank designed to house adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue over the course of the next 3 months.


This agreement with Bio-Matrix further advances and diversifies the Company's adult stem cell practice, as well as further acknowledges the marketing abilities of Cord Blood America amongst its industry peers.

David Koos, Chairman and CEO of Bio-Matrix, stated, "The relationship we are evolving with Cord Blood America is the beginning of a new direction for stem cell banking. Together, Cord Blood America and Bio-Matrix are taking stem cell banking from the one product offering of cord blood stem cells into a new diverse direction of multiple product offerings, including the banking of adipose stem cells."

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About Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. is a development stage company in the business of medical devices and monitoring systems research, development and commercialization. Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. is aligning itself with partners that offer key technologies in biomedical device development, tissue engineering, cell culturing, genome therapy and drug delivery systems.

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