Call any Network in Sweden for SEK 0.79 Per Minute Round the Clock with Vodafone Kontantkort -- Minute Price also Applies Abroad

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Sept. 09, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Vodafone Kontantkort is now just as good as Vodafone Abonnemang. On Monday 12 September Vodafone Sweden is launching a new prepay card which will enable Vodafone Sweden's prepay customers to make calls as cheaply as subscription customers: SEK 0.79 per minute to any network in Sweden, round the clock, for anyone who tops up their card monthly. And for those who sign up for Vodafone Passport, the same minute price applies to calls to Sweden from 17 countries.

In April this year Vodafone Sweden launched a call price of SEK 0.79 per minute to all networks round the clock for customers with Vodafone Abonnemang. Now Vodafone Sweden is introducing the same low minute price for the new Vodafone Kontantkort. The price of SEK 0.79 per minute applies for 30 days after the card is topped up, so for customers who top up their card monthly, this means they will always be able to make calls for SEK 0.79 per minute to all networks round the clock. If the card isn't topped up for 30 days, the minute price changes to SEK 1.99 until the card is topped up again. The same principle applies to SMS, which cost SEK 0.79 each for 30 days after topping up.

Vodafone Kontantkort easy to top up

There are several easy ways for Vodafone Sweden's customers to top up their prepay card - via Vodafone live! mobiles, on the Internet, in shops, at an ATM(a), with a voucher or by arranging a top up transfer. And of course prepay customers who are buying a new phone can choose from Vodafone Sweden's large range of both 2G and 3G mobiles.

SEK 0.79 per minute to Sweden from abroad too

Vodafone Kontantkort also work with the Vodafone Passport service, which is free to join via SMS, on the Vodafone Sweden website, by calling customer service or at selected retailers. This means that Vodafone Sweden's prepay customers that travel abroad and use the Vodafone network can phone Sweden for SEK 0.79 per minute from countries covered by Vodafone Passport (currently 17 countries -- see list below). The only additional charge is a start-up fee of SEK 9.95 + the Swedish start-up fee of SEK 0.79. Receiving calls from Sweden is even cheaper: just SEK 9.95 for a 20-minute chat.

"With our new low minute price, which applies both in Sweden and from many countries abroad, we are offering a prepay card which is unique on the mobile market -- to the delight of the Swedish people, who both like to make cheap calls and travel a lot. The card also means that our customers have even more options and can now choose between paying in arrears or in advance, on the same beneficial terms," says Paul Moonga, Marketing Director of Vodafone Sweden.

Customers who have an older Vodafone Kontantkort and wish to switch to the new prices just need to contact Vodafone Sweden's customer service.

Prices for Vodafone Prepay cards(applies to cards sold from 12 September2005)

 Start-up package SEK 95
 price/minute     SEK 0.79/minute, applies for 30 days every time the
                  card is topped up. After 30 days without being topped
                  up, the price changes to SEK 1.99/minute.
 SMS              SEK 0.79 each, applies for 30 days every time the card
                  is topped up. After 30 days without being topped up,
                  the price changes to SEK 1.99 per message.
 Start-up fee     SEK 0.79
 MMS              SEK 2.79 each
 Data             SEK 20/MB data GPRS/3G

 Top-up amounts: SEK 100, SEK 200 and SEK 500i

 (a) Applies to customers who bank with SEB, Skandiabanken or Ostgota
 Enskilda Bank

 Countries included in Vodafone Passport (operator is Vodafone unless
 otherwise specified):

 Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, France (in the SFR
 network), Ireland, Belgium (in the Proximus network), the Netherlands,
 Portugal, Switzerland (in the Swisscom network), Hungary, Malta. For
 prepay cards with invoicing for calls abroad, Vodafone Passport also
 includes Australia, Albania, Japan and New Zealand.

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 Paul Moonga,Marketing Director, Vodafone Sweden
 Telephone: +46 (0) 734-25 26 28

 Anders Jensen,Head of Consumer segment, Vodafone Sweden
 Tel: +46 708 33 13 17