GlassKote USA Announces National Licensing Program

Bridgeport, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Sept. 13, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- GlassKote USA formally announces the launch of its national program to license the GlassKote Process with the addition of three licensed applicators: Manhattan Shade & Glass in New York City, Inspired Designs in Kansas City, and Glass Design Concepts in Los Angeles.

"Our vision for color-coated architectural glass is closely aligned with the time-tested experience in Australia and Europe," said Alexsandra Guinan, Principal of GlassKote USA. "Architects, designers and homeowners want exciting colors and a unique expression of their individuality. Coupled with tempered glass and demand for quick turnaround, that translates into local application. You just can't support the market from a few central locations."

"We've created a turnkey opportunity that brings an entirely new business model to the glass industry," commented Warren Belkin, another Principal in GlassKote USA. "You would not believe how popular color-coated glass has become in other parts of the world, and since everyone doesn't have the technology to do a quality job, excellent margins are maintained. It's like going back 40 years in the glass business when you weren't selling a commodity." The applicator program includes comprehensive training and knowledge transfer of 25-plus years of experience from the Australian inventors, along with the premier product in the industry.

The appearance of GlassKote at the Glasstec trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany in November of 2004 generated a lot of excitement with U.S. Glass companies. To Steven Schulman, head of Manhattan Shade and Glass in New York, it represents the cutting edge for his business, "This is a quality product with years of know-how, an unbelievable system for quick and accurate production of virtually any custom color, and a quality coating that surpasses all others. I just had to have it!" said Mr. Schulman.

"It rounds off our offerings to the Architectural & Design market, adds another dimension to our existing foot-print in the industrial sector through our coatings company, and represents a new profit center -- it was a perfect fit," remarked Jim Stuelke, CEO of Inspired Designs in Kansas City.

Bob Adeli, head of Glass Design Concepts in Los Angeles, had another perspective. "Color on glass is a hot trend. This is the future and I believe in it. The GlassKote Process and applicator program is faster, better and has the right environmental posture -- that's key to me."

"Glass companies want a product that has a track record and GlassKote gives them that peace of mind," said Alexsandra Guinan of GlassKote USA. "Our applicators are investing their money and time, and they feel comfortable knowing we're in it for the long haul. Our success is dependent on their success!" Unlike franchises, GlassKote doesn't require licensing fees or other large up-front payments.

GlassKote officials will be educating glass companies about their winning formula at the Glass Build America Show in Atlanta, September 13-15.


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