Skandia: Ownership Structure and the Nominating Committee's Assignment

Skandia Shareholder Statistics as Per 30 September 2005

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 10, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- At Skandia's request, VPC has reported on ownership statistics for the company as per 30 September 2005. In VPC's report, prepared by SIS Ownership Data Corp, the 15 largest shareholders are reported as follows:

 The 15 largest shareholders               Holding per cent
 Fidelity mutual funds                           5.0
 Cevian Capital LP                               3.4
 Burdaras HF                                     3.2
 Second National Swedish Pension Fund            3.0
 Nordea mutual funds                             2.5
 SHB/SPP mutual funds                            2.2
 Robur mutual funds                              2.2
 First National Swedish Pension Fund             1.3
 SEB mutual funds                                1.0
 Fourth National Swedish Pension Fund            1.0
 Citigroup Global Markets Ltd                    0.9
 SEB                                             0.8
 SEB-Trygg Forsakring                            0.8
 Third Avenue mutual funds                       0.6
 Catella mutual funds                            0.6

                                  Holding per cent
 Ownership breakdown
 Foreign owners                         59.8
 Swedish owners                         40.2
 of which:
 Institutions                           13.4
 Mutual funds                           10.4
 Individuals                            16.4

These VPC statistics only show owners that are directly registered with VPC or whose shares are held in trust with a Swedish custodian. VPC's statistics do not include shareholders who are registered via a foreign custodian bank. Foreign holdings registered via a foreign custodian bank are included to the extent these shareholders have disclosed a specific holding. The statistics as per 30 September therefore should not be considered as a complete picture of ownership in Skandia, but only represent an analysis of 57 per cent of the number of outstanding shares.

Nominating Committee

Skandia's Nominating Committee is formed every year on the basis of the definitive information regarding ownership as per 30 September, i.e. the information that also takes foreign registered shareholders into account to the extent the shareholders have chosen to make themselves known. If a shareholding changes significantly during the mandate period and this results in the composition of the Committee deviating from the adopted principles, the Board member concerned shall resign and be replaced. The Nominating Committee submits recommendations to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in respect of a candidate to chair the AGM, the number of directors, the election of directors, directors' fees, the election of auditors and auditors' fees.

As announced earlier, details of the composition of the Nominating Committee will be announced in conjunction with presentation of Skandia's interim report for the third quarter on 18 November 2005.

Additional information about the Nominating Committee can be accessed on Skandia's website:

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