SmallCap Sentinel: Hurricane Katrina Thrusts Spotlight on Affordable Housing

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- "Hurricane Katrina's decimation of part of the United States' Gulf Coast has cast a bold spotlight on affordable housing issues in this country," stated SmallCap Sentinel analyst D.R. Clark. "Meteoric appreciation in real estate values across the country have disenfranchised many buyers by price, but now the hurricane's destruction has created a desperate situation where the need for affordable housing is enormous."

"We know the major residential real estate developers. We live in their homes," stated Clark. "But Hurricanes Katrina and Rita may sound the alarm for greater investor awareness of companies endeavoring to create and sell affordable housing -- possibly useful in the battered Gulf."

"An affordable-housing company like Superior Development Group, Inc. (Superior) (Pink Sheets:SDVG), which just happens to be conveniently situated in hard-hit Mississippi, might have more going on than simply creating a home that people can afford," stated Clark. "They could well be a viable, affordable solution to rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Alabama. And the company has recently prepared itself for government contracts."

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