Vodafone Sweden Cuts Minute Price by SEK 0.10

Price Assurance Means that all Customers with Vodafone Abonnemang and Vodafone Kontantkort benefit

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 16, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- From today a lower minute price is being extended to all customers with Vodafone Abonnemang and Vodafone Kontantkort. Vodafone Sweden is reducing the price by SEK 0.10 to SEK 0.69 per minute, to all networks, 24 hours a day. Unlike the competitors on the market, Vodafone Sweden offers a price assurance scheme, which means that existing customers and new sign-ups all benefit from the price cut.

Vodafone Sweden introduced a price assurance scheme in September this year which extends the benefit of all future changes in the minute price in Vodafone Abonnemang and Vodafone Kontantkort (launched 12 September) to all customers with these subscriptions. This reduction in the minute price by SEK 0.10 to SEK 0.69 per minute (all networks, 24 hours a day) will enable both new and existing customers to make even cheaper calls.

Vodafone Sweden's price assurance scheme is a measure based partly on the fact that many Swedes are unfamiliar with the terms and conditions in their subscriptions. According to a Vodafone Sweden-commissioned SIFO survey, a whopping 78 per cent of mobile users in Sweden think that mobile operators' price cuts should be extended to apply to all the customers. 54 per cent of mobile users mistakenly assume that they will automatically be covered by any minute price changes by their operator. A mere 15 per cent stated that they took action and changed to a new subscription form whenever a cheaper alternative appears on the market.

"In the last few weeks, a number of competitors have announced price changes in new subscription forms. It means that their customers have to actively change their subscriptions in order to benefit from the new prices and, according to the SIFO survey, very few mobile users actually do so. We, on the other hand, are reducing the minute price in our existing subscriptions and, thanks to our price assurance scheme, everyone will benefit from the price cut - which we think is a fair deal," says Anders Jensen, Head of Marketing at Vodafone Sweden.

"Our minute price may not be the lowest in the market, but it's unbeatable in terms of value for the customer: the latest mobiles at subsidised prices, use up the whole monthly charge for making calls, one minute price to all operators (24 hours a day), Swedish minute price available in a long list of countries and 24-hour customer support. And with the price assurance as part of the deal, we are an unbeatable alternative for Swedish mobile customers," he says.

For a complete list of prices for Vodafone Abonnemang and Vodafone Kontantkort, please visit www.vodafone.se

About the survey

The survey, which was commissioned by Vodafone Sweden, was performed by Sifo. 1,000 respondents were interviewed by telephone, 25-28 July 2005.

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