Female Entrepreneurial Success: From Kitchen Table to 15,000 Square Foot Space


ROCKAWAY, N.J., Nov. 30, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Being a single mom, a full-time teacher and educational audiologist while raising 2 children and working 2 other jobs, is all part of the 'success story' of Dorinne Davis, President/Founder of The Davis Center, the world's premier sound therapy center which recently opened in its newly expanded facility in Rockaway, N.J.

In 1988 on her kitchen table, Ms. Davis started her first business, a mail order catalog for assistive listening devices for the deaf and hard of hearing. After 3 years, she opened a small office in a 300 sq. ft. location. She grew that business into the fourth largest device catalog in the U.S., expanding to a 3000 sq ft. location.

In the true entrepreneurial spirit of recognizing a business niche that no one else had, she closed her first business and opened a "service" business offering services for hearing, speech, and language, mostly with sound-based therapy. This business was based in a new 1250 sq. ft. office with 4 employees and experienced immediate success. Clients reported significant positive changes, further motivating her to pull together her professional skills as an audiologist and her newfound knowledge of all the major sound therapies.

She expanded her operation to 2500 sq. ft. after 2 years and then to 4400 sq. ft. after 4 years. Sales had grown from $76,000 in her first year to over $1 million within 6 years. After 7 cramped years, the new, expanded Davis Center celebrated its Grand Opening Celebration on October 16, 2005 in its new 15,400 sq ft. location. This new center took on a new logo, new goals, and a new by-line: Sound Therapy, Changing Lives: Learning, Development, Wellness, and has been hailed as the sound therapy center of the future. Ms. Davis' foresight and business acumen have brought this concept to life.

In addition, the philosophy presented in her book, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, provides the foundation of the center's 'core business': sound-based therapies for learning, development, and wellness, based around The Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapy(r). She has successfully helped people with symptoms associated with autism, AD/HD, dyslexia, Williams syndrome, Down syndrome, hyperlexia, and so many others by using this model. She doesn't 'treat' the disability. She takes the presenting symptoms and makes positive changes foundationally as defined in her Tree analogy.

Ms. Davis believes in 'giving back' to those in need and has started The Gift of Sound Fund, a scholarship fund offering sound therapy scholarships to those demonstrating need. She has also offered space to Sound Is The Source, a non-profit organization researching sound's impact on the body.

Ms. Davis' model to plan, develop, build, grow, and give back has been accomplished by knowing her product better than others and building on her positive successes. She has an ability to think outside the box and make a complicated business model work. To review The Davis Center's concept, visit www.thedaviscenter.com.


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