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Partnership Models Synergy Between Public Policy and Communication Technology

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NEWBURY PARK, Calif., Dec. 12, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nomadix, Inc. (, the leading supplier of intelligent network devices and interconnect services for guest access, digital cities, and carrier HotSpots, and, Spain's government-owned agency for Information Society development, today announced completion of initial deployment phases and an ongoing commitment to rolling out broadband wireless Internet connectivity across Spain. Already deployed in rural public schools, libraries, and Internet access centers, the network is expanding to higher population density areas. The benefits of such a deployment include bridging the digital divide within the different Spanish regions, and increasing productivity, efficiency and welfare among citizens, businesses, and state and regional governments.

These benefits are central to the Spanish government's Avanza Plan, an initiative for 2006-2010 to bring the various regions of Spain into compliance with i2010, the European Union's initiative to ensure that Europe's governments, businesses, and citizens make the best use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In the effort to improve industrial competitiveness, to support growth and the creation of jobs, and to address key societal challenges-all cornerstones of i2010-Avanza will ensure that Spain's communications standards evolve with the rest of the European Union.

In addition, through utilization of Nomadix's technological innovation, has effectively modeled a digital environment in which technology and public policy unite for the greater good of a general population. has already garnered international praise for supplying Internet connectivity in regions that otherwise would have been left disconnected for decades to come.

Nomadix' public-access gateways, which operate the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE), create the multi-layered service environment that lies at the core of the Wi-Fi service environment. The NSE software is fully customizable, and is tailored to allow to enhance its business model through lower costs and attractive services.

The NSE resides in venue, carrier, or service provider infrastructure to enable connectivity in public access environments. Embedded on the NSE itself, Nomadix' patented gateway software immediately and invisibly adapts a computer's proxy settings to enable a secure, easy-to-use connection. In addition, NSE software supports a variety of free or for-fee roaming and revenue-generating mechanisms for operators. Since its inception, Nomadix has shipped 25,000 NSE-enabled units to customers in over 60 countries.

"By supplying Internet connectivity to all regions of Spain, we are ensuring that all Spanish citizens and public institutions can benefit from ICT and the Information Society development," said Ramon Palacio, CEO of "We chose Nomadix as a technology partner based on several core competencies, including scalability, maturity and stability of the product, and ease of installation and use."

"Nomadix's technology allows for the creation of services that both streamline the user experience and allows for success in all' goals," said Kurt Bauer, president and CEO of Nomadix. "Nomadix powers a number of digital communities in the US, but the network is the shape of things to come, a mark of progressive policy that regards broadband Wi-Fi access more as a core public utility than an urban technological luxury. In essence, Spain has become a 'Digital Nation.'"

About is the Spanish governmental agency responsible for promoting and developing Information and Communication Technologies throughout Spain. operates within the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, and is responsible for managing the ".es" domain name system, the Observatory on Telecommunications, the Early Virus Alert and Computer Security Center, and, the academic and research network, RedIRIS. For additional information, please visit http//

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Nomadix is the leading provider of intelligent network devices and interconnect services that make nomadic computing easy. The company offers the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE), which allows the public access service operators and venue owners to deploy a cost effective, secure and easy to use high-speed Internet access offering. Nomadix Interconnect Services(tm) are a suite of services that provide intelligent roaming connectivity, content and application delivery in conjunction with the NSE and other public access networks.

The company is headquartered in Newbury Park, Calif., and sells and supports its products and services globally through licensing and OEM partnerships, Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators. For additional information, please visit or call +1-818-597-1500.


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