360 Global Wine Company Launches National Media Campaign

Napa, California, UNITED STATES

NAPA, Calif., April 18, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- 360 Global Wine Company (OTCBB:TSIX) is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Global Media Fund, Inc. to launch a nationwide media campaign.

The agreement calls for 360 Global Wine Company to receive nationally syndicated newspaper space and radio airtime through the regular distribution of feature articles to over 10,000 newspapers, news and wire services, and to more than 6,000 radio stations. The print features are expected to reach an estimated audience of 400,000,000 readers per month for 24 months, while the radio features are expected to reach 650,000,000 listeners per month for 36 months. Under the contract, the aggregate cost of the transaction to 360 Global Wine Company is $3,500,000, payable in restricted shares of common stock at signing.

"Our relationship with Global Media, through its NewsUSA Media distribution entity, will provide us with a valuable platform to tell the 360 Global Wine Company story, and to enhance brand awareness for our products and services. In addition to educating consumers about our products, we believe this media campaign, which will co-market our products with nationally known brands, will increase our channels of distribution and increase our sales," said Jake Shapiro, CEO of 360 Global Wine Company.

Don Rose, President of Global Media Fund, stated that "We are absolutely committed to helping 360 Global Wine Company get the word out about their products. We have been very impressed with their growth and the quality of their management. We have extensive experience in helping to establish national brand names, and look forward to working with 360 Global Wine Company."

About Global Media Fund, Inc

Global Media Fund is a media4equity company that was established to help strong emerging growth companies conduct national media awareness and marketing campaigns in exchange for equity. Global Media Fund, along with its partner NewsUSA, has serviced more than 3,000 clients over nearly two decades, including 33 U.S. government agencies and a large portion of the Fortune 1000 companies such as Fidelity Investments, NASDAQ, MasterCard, Visa, Merrill Lynch, AOL, Merck, Ford and many more. Global Media Fund and NewsUSA have also been instrumental in the development of numerous companies that have increased their sales and/or brand and company awareness from startup values to levels consistent with nationally known companies. Global Media Fund guarantees the media placement results. More information can be found about Global Media Fund at www.GlobalMediaFund.com and about NewsUSA at www.NewsUSA.com.

About 360 Global Wine Company

360 Global Wine Company, based in Napa, California, sells wines and wine-related products through direct sales channels and independent distributors to grocery stores, wine shops, and restaurants. 360 Global's holdings include the Viansa Winery & Italian Marketplace and the Kirkland Ranch Winery, in addition to an outstanding portfolio of wine brands.

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