More Luggage Security at U.S. Airports With RIMOWA Suitcases

TSA Locks Enable Checks Without Forcibly Opening


COLOGNE, Germany, May 31, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, the USA has tightened security checks at airports considerably. In addition to x-raying all checked-in baggage, the national Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now examines many suitcases by hand and suitcases are forcibly opened if locked. In order to avoid such luggage damage right from the start, the only option for travelers was to check in the suitcase unlocked or only temporarily secured -- leaving the contents unprotected against theft.

RIMOWA customers can lock their suitcases at American airports without any worries from now on. This great advance in security for the suitcase and its contents has been made possible by RIMOWA installing so-called TSA locks in its suitcases as standard. The special feature: the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has special keys to open the locks for checks.

RIMOWA is one of the leading suitcase manufacturers recognized by the TSA that now provides a solution that complies with both the security guidelines of the USA, as well as the desire for security from passengers. Check-in personnel and inspectors are trained to recognize the locks identified with a red 'pound sign' or number symbol on the lock. The principle is simple:

 -- Each TSA lock has this clearly visible identification.  Security
    personnel at the airport can immediately see that they can open
    the lock if necessary without forcing it.
 -- There is a special key for the TSA locks, which only the TSA has
    access to.
 -- Inspectors can thus open the locks at every American airport and
    relock them after checking the suitcase.

Even combination locks can be opened with the appropriate passkey! The owner's personal combination remains in effect after a RIMOWA suitcase has been opened and closed with a TSA key, making the suitcase just as secure as before.

RIMOWA director Dieter Morszeck, the third generation of RIMOWA management in Cologne, states, "Business travelers were particularly unsettled in the past that they had to check their suitcase when unlocked or insufficiently secured. We are pleased that we are able to provide RIMOWA customers with the security they want for their luggage, thanks to the new Travel Sentry technology."

RIMOWA is one of the leading global manufacturers of aluminum suitcases. These suitcases with characteristic grooves have been a design classic around the world for decades. Business customers and private travelers all appreciate the bestseller for its technical perfection, high-quality materials, and precise workmanship.

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