Nomadix Receives Patent for Network Usage Monitoring Module

Westlake Village, California, UNITED STATES

NEWBURY PARK, Calif., June 6, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nomadix, Inc. (, the leading supplier of intelligent network devices and interconnect services for guest access, digital cities, and carrier HotSpots, today announced it won a patent for its network usage monitoring module (U.S. Patent No. 7,020,082). The win further reinforces a patent portfolio that has already established Nomadix as the industry's preeminent public access solutions provider.

"From its inception, Nomadix' proprietary technologies have fundamentally impacted network computing," said Balaji Pitchaikani, CTO of Nomadix. "The Usage Monitoring Module is an important addition to Nomadix' networking patent portfolio due to its ability to intelligently filter and monitor traffic flowing through Nomadix public-access Wi-Fi gateways. In addition, the new Usage Monitoring Module enables Nomadix gateways to scale considerably higher than conventional monitoring techniques, allowing venue operators to provide more compelling services at competitive prices and generate higher revenues. Nomadix Gateways already provide this capability."

The Usage Monitoring Module operates at network traffic aggregation points and captures all request and response packets from a plurality of respective network users and services. The module then filters captured packets, extracts usage monitoring data, and builds an accompanying database -- enabling service providers to easily measure and monitor specific parameters of the network and dynamically change those parameters when there are changes to business service agreements. Collected in this manner, usage information is extremely valuable to network users, service providers, and all associated beneficiaries. The Usage Monitoring Module also enables service providers to limit network activity to monetizable traffic only, and to block access to illegitimate URLs.

Nomadix' core product is the Nomadix Service Engine(tm) (NSE), a Wi-Fi gateway that resides in venue, carrier, municipality, or service provider infrastructure to enable connectivity in public access environments. Embedded on the NSE itself, Nomadix' patented gateway software immediately and invisibly adapts to a computer's settings to enable a secure, easy-to-use connection. In addition, NSE software presents a unique service creation environment, and supports a variety of revenue-generating and monetization mechanisms for operators. Since its inception, Nomadix has shipped 26,000 NSE-enabled units to customers in over 60 countries.

Highlights of Nomadix' patent portfolio include:

 -- HTTP Redirect (U.S. Patent 6,636,894):
    Automatically redirects a user to a designated portal page.
 -- Transparent Proxy (U.S. Patent 6,130,892):
    IP plug-and-play for devices with Web proxy settings.
 -- Fair Queuing & Priority Scheduling (U.S. Patent 6,810,426):
    Bandwidth Throttling using priority scheduling & latency
    prioritization which doesn't require network QoS configuration.

About Nomadix

Nomadix is the leading supplier of public access Wi-Fi gateways and services. The company offers the Nomadix Service Engine(tm) (NSE), which enables service providers to monetize wireless connections by presenting customers with compelling services. Nomadix Interconnect Services(tm) are a suite of services that provide a variety of business services including intelligent roaming, content, application delivery and business services in conjunction with NSE-powered public-access networks.

The company is headquartered in Newbury Park, Calif., and sells and supports its products and services globally through licensing and OEM partnerships, Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators. For additional information, please visit or call (818) 597-1500.


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