University of Wisconsin-Stout Implements XMPie VDP Software in Graphic Communications Program

University Boosts VDP Curriculum in Response to Industry Demands

NEW YORK, June 6, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- XMPie(r), the award-winning provider of software for dynamic publishing, announced today that the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) is integrating XMPie software into its Graphic Communications Management program in a move to bring leading-edge variable data publishing tools into its classrooms.

UW-Stout is currently expanding its graphic communications curriculum beyond static print to include dynamic variable data print. The revised program will emphasize Cross Media marketing and communication in response to the demands of the industry, as observed by students, alumni and the industrial advisory board of the university.

"Our goal is to prepare our students for successful careers at the top 200 to 300 graphic communications firms in the industry," said Ted M. Bensen, program director of Graphic Communications Management at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

XMPie is supporting this mission by installing its full range of variable data software solutions in the student lab including:

 -- PersonalEffect(tm) Cross Media Edition -- the flagship dynamic 
    publishing software
 -- uStore(tm) -- a Web-to-Print storefront solution
 -- uImage(tm) -- a variable imaging tool for Adobe(r) Photoshop(r) 
 -- uChart(tm) -- a variable charting tool
 -- uDirect(tm) -- a desktop VDP tool that integrates seamlessly 
    with Adobe(r) InDesign(r) CS2

"Our technology continues to evolve as the industry does. And the students who use this technology will have new tools and skills to bring to their employers when they graduate," said Bensen. "Industry partners like XMPie help us stay up to date in providing the cutting-edge skills that the employers expect from our graduates."

UW-Stout was attracted to XMPie due to its versatility and widespread application in the industry. In particular, the university valued the scalability of XMPie's products, which allows for flexible applications in the classroom from small VDP assignments within a single course to full-scale variable data projects for senior practicum courses where students deal with real customers, deadlines and budgets.

The effort to enhance the graphic communications curriculum was in part a reaction to the increased recruiting demand from commercial printers that specialize in personalized marketing and promotion. There is also growing interest from the design community for the best-qualified graduates as variable data technology effectively shifts into the mainstream of graphic design.

"We were impressed by the solid academic plan that UW-Stout developed for its Graphic Communications Management program, and could clearly envision the educational role XMPie software would play," said XMPie CEO Eyal S. Goldwerger. "UW-Stout is joining a growing contingency of educational institutions that have expressed the need for sophisticated VDP programs. Given the competitive rigors of the industry, it is our responsibility and privilege to educate the next generation of graduates on the latest VDP standards for the future enrichment and success of the industry as a whole."

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XMPie Inc. is the leading provider of software for dynamic publishing. Its variable data printing (VDP) solutions PersonalEffect and uDirect help businesses efficiently design and produce highly personalized marketing materials that are proven to significantly increase consumer response rates. Its award-winning PersonalEffect software produces on-demand, highly targeted 1:1 marketing communications in print, e-mail and Web. XMPie bridges design, data and printing functions to enable a collaborative production workflow and streamlines document ordering and customization with flexible Web-to-Print applications. XMPie is headquartered in New York with operations in the U.S., Europe, Israel and Japan. For more information on XMPie, visit


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