New Book by Best-Selling Author of "" and "The Customer Revolution" Hits Shelves: "Outside Innovation: How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company's Future"

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 16, 2006 -- The faster and better a company innovates, the more likely it is to remain the leader and set new rules for others. But the innovation game is changing dramatically. Companies no longer win by hiring the smartest engineers and scientists -- they win by engaging the smartest customers. The companies that create from the outside in do a better job of attracting potential customers than companies that don't, according to author Patricia Seybold.

By building a business from the outside in, customers are able to co-design products, services, and overall customer experience. Customers all over the world are already changing how companies innovate. From millions of consumers who collaborate to develop and evolve next-generation multi-player games -- games that would normally cost $100 million to develop -- to competing research scientists who work together to invent breakthrough medical treatments and heartier crops.

Seybold argues in "OUTSIDE INNOVATION: How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company's Future" (Collins; October 2006) that innovation is top of mind for most business executives and that the only way organizations can break out of the pack is to open up their entire business to passionate customers and welcome them into every aspect of product, service and customer experience design. Companies that bring customers into the innovation process -- that innovate from the outside in -- will create solutions that better meet the needs of prospective customers, will revolutionize business models and practices, and will attract fanatically loyal customers.

"There are lots of books about innovation lining the shelves, but 'OUTSIDE INNOVATION' is the only one that chronicles and synthesizes the current best practices in customer-led innovation, with stories from more than two dozen businesses, in a variety of industries, along with practical and actionable take-aways from each example," says Seybold.

Drawing from dozens of fascinating stories of outside innovation pioneers such as the BBC, Communispace, LEGO, Staples, Karmaloop, National Instruments, Hallmark, Koko Fitness, GE Plastics, SEI Wealth, Kraft, Flickr, Mozilla, Zopa and others, Seybold outlines how to win by:

--  Finding lead users in an industry and commercializing their
--  Engaging with the most visionary customers to co-design new products
    and new processes.
--  Enabling customers to trouble-shoot each others' problems, hack
    solutions, and modify and extend a company's products to meet their needs.
--  Providing innovation toolkits to customers to design very specific
    solutions for themselves -- customized solutions that leverage a company's
    deep domain expertise.
--  Encouraging customers to "strut their stuff" by contributing insights,
    nurturing online customer communities, and allowing them to redesign a
    company's business strategy.
PATRICIA B. SEYBOLD is the author of the international bestsellers "" and "The Customer Revolution" and is co-author of "Brandchild." There are more than 500,000 copies of Seybold's books in print (and translated into more than 15 languages). Seybold is the founder and CEO of The Patricia Seybold Group, a consulting firm that excels in customer-led innovation and customer experience transformation, and is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker at business conferences and industry symposia worldwide. She has 30 years of experience consulting to customer-centric executives in technology-aggressive businesses across many industries. For more information, visit and her blog
About the book:
SUBTITLE:       How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company's Future
AUTHOR:                 Patricia Seybold
ISBN #:                 0061135909
PRICE:                  $26.95
PUBLISHER:              Harper Collins
PUBLICATION DATE:       October 2006

Contact Information: Contacts: Stephen Wands Patricia Seybold Group (617) 912-3125 Liza Colburn Emerge PR (617) 729-3177