ALR Technologies Constant Health Companion(TM) to Fill a Serious Gap in Current Health Management Practices Making Healthcare Cost Reduction a Reality

ALRT's System to Redefine Disease Management Practices: Electronic Health Management System to Provide Ongoing Assistance and Monitoring of Patients Once They Leave the Hospital, Leave the Medical Clinic or Once the Case Manager Leaves Their Home

Richmond, Virginia, UNITED STATES

WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 8, 2006 -- ALR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT) announces that the Constant Health Companion™ (brand name for the ALRT500), the company's home health management compliance system can fill a serious gap in current health management practices. According to Stan Cruitt, President of ALR Technologies, current disease and health management practices have a serious gap in care. "The patient is well taken care of when they are in the hospital, in the medical clinic, at the pharmacy or when the care giver or case manager is visiting their home, but once the patient is left to take care of their own schedule of medications, treatments and other actions necessary to get well or stay healthy they often are noncompliant and this is where health management breaks down," reports Cruitt.

"The opportunity to help patients with serious health conditions achieve better health results while lowering their cost of care for the insurance payer is now a reality with the Constant Health Companion," reports Cruitt. "A study in Missouri Medicaid using compliance reminder systems with a population of diabetic patients resulted in annual average cost savings of $3400 per person. Annual cost savings with other disease states could range up into the tens of thousands for some conditions up to hundreds of thousands for those with organ transplants."

Of all medication-related hospital admissions in the United States, 33 to 69 percent are due to poor medication adherence, with a resultant cost of approximately $100 billion a year, according to a New England Journal of Medicine 2005 study. "Currently disease management practices do not adequately address this problem," adds Cruitt.

"Our Constant Health Companion is portable and easy to use, it stays with the patient wherever they go, it alarms to remind them to take the medication or treatment at the appropriate time(s) of day, displays on a screen with large font the exact actions to take and allows for a caregiver or case manager to remotely monitor the patients compliance. The disease management industry was built around the need to provide additional assistance to those with serious health conditions, and although proven to be beneficial, most of the effort goes to waste when the patient is noncompliant. And the patient is often noncompliant. Many factors contribute to noncompliance and two of the primary factors are busy lifestyle and complex regimens. Our Constant Health Companion provides the solution for both of these situations."

The ALRT Constant Health Companion is portable, affordable and easy to use. It also allows remote programming changes and messaging to the patient about appointments, refills, or precautionary information. ALR Technologies reports that after several months of pilots and trials they completed their first limited manufacturing run in 3rd Quarter and a full manufacturing schedule is now underway with shipments to customers starting in January of 2007.

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