A Customized Invoice or Estimate in Less Than Five Minutes: Marketcircle's Billings 2 Public Beta for the Mac Takes the Pain Out of Making Money

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- Marketcircle Inc. has released a free public beta for Billings 2, its latest software designed for the unique needs of Mac-based business and creative professionals. Easy-to-use Billings 2 tracks time and expenses. In minutes, Billings 2 creates detailed and attractive customized invoices, project estimates, and reports. Available as a final production version by the end of this year, Billings 2 can be purchased for US $49 during the month of Nov., and US $59 starting Dec. 1. The free public beta of Billings 2 is available now at www.billings2.com.

Mac-based professionals using Billings 2 benefit from a host of practical, convenient, timesaving features, including:

--  A built in set-up assistant and an intuitive, clearly labeled user
    interface that ensure Billings 2 is easy to get up and running
--  Appealing, fully customizable PDF templates for estimates, invoices,
    and labels that allow your business to present itself more professionally
--  A convenient menu-bar timer that accurately tracks billable time
    without interrupting work, leaving more time in the day for billable work
--  A slip template mechanism that reduces repetitive data entry, saving
    time and reducing errors
--  A choice of over 120 predefined sales tax/VAT rates applicable in
    regions around the globe allowing Billings 2 to perform otherwise time-
    consuming, mind-numbing tax calculations quickly and conveniently
--  Imports Projects, Opportunities and Activities from Daylite 3.1.3 or
--  Easy data export to integrate Billings 2 data with accounting and
    bookkeeping software
--  And additional time-saving functions that manage retainers, print
    reports, set prefixes for auto-numbering of estimates and invoices, and
"At Marketcircle, we are building software that makes it easier for Mac-based businesses to grow. Billings 2 is our latest effort," says Marketcircle President Alykhan Jetha. "Billings 2 aims to be faster and more convenient at producing invoices than any other single user desktop or online application. Billings 2 users will spend less time on administrative invoicing tasks and more time doing what they love, earning more money while they do it."

Billings 2 integrates easily into your existing productivity workflow using an Apple address book group as your client list and publishing events to iCal. Billings 2 users can also import contact, project or opportunity information from Marketcircle's Daylite Productivity Suite -- the award-winning Mac productivity management software -- in a few clicks. Billings 2 is a universal application working on Intel and Power PC.

Billings 2 is the latest addition to Marketcircle's collection of award-winning business applications that help Mac business and creative professionals be more productive. From time and expense tracking to creating powerful, appealing estimates, invoices, and reports, Billings 2 for the Mac takes the pain out of making money.

For more information about Billings 2 or to download the public beta, visit www.billings2.com.

About Marketcircle Inc.

Marketcircle Inc. develops award-winning business applications for Mac OS X, including Daylite productivity management software, Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI), and Billings 2, a practical time billing and invoicing application. Incorporated in 1999, Marketcircle Inc. is located in Toronto, Canada, with offices in London, United Kingdom, and partners worldwide.

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