NearbyNow Launches New Mobile Search Service for Shopping Malls

Innovative Service Allows Consumers to Search for Any Product, Brand, or Sale Item At Shopping Malls From Their Mobile Phone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 11, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- NearbyNow, Inc. today announced the availability of its new mobile search service that allows consumers to find any product, brand or sale in a shopping mall simply by sending a text message. By typing their request into their mobile phone, consumers can easily find the nearest store that sells "skinny jeans" or "men's shoes on sale." This service makes the promise of location-based mobile advertising a reality just in time for the holidays, and provides retailers a way to reach out to nearby shoppers who are looking specifically for items they offer.

"The mobile functionality extends the value of the service by giving shoppers immediate access to local inventory information," said Greg Sterling, founder of Sterling Market Intelligence. "NearbyNow is meeting a consumer need that is not generally well served in the market today -- helping consumers find where they can buy desired products right now."

This new mobile service extends NearbyNow's existing "proximity search" capabilities, which make geographic areas -- such as shopping malls -- 100% searchable down to every product, brand, and service. NearbyNow coordinates with hundreds of retailers to keep an accurate list of inventory, and makes that data available to consumers on the mall Web site and mobile phones. Since the mobile service uses standard SMS text messaging, it works on almost all phones and does not require any downloads. The mobile service is free to consumers, and is available at all participating malls currently using the NearbyNow Web service.

"Finding products in large malls can be overwhelming," said Scott Dunlap, founder and CEO of NearbyNow. "Now shoppers can find exactly who sells what they want in just seconds. In addition, retailers have the ability to target customers that are looking specifically for their goods and services, and that are often just a few hundred feet from their store."

How does it work? Shoppers find out about the service via instructions posted on the mall directory and throughout the mall. For example, at the Westfield Valley Fair mall, signs say "text 'VF' to the short code 'NEARBY' (632729) to search this mall for any product, brand, or sale." Next, consumers can:

 -- Type in any brand or product to see which stories carry it. For
    example, "men's shoes," "Nike Air Jordans," or "baby clothes on

 -- Get a reply with (1) how many stores carry the item, and (2) the
    3-4 most popular matches.

 -- If a coupon is available, the shopper can get additional
    information about the coupon (and have the mall concierge print a

 -- Included with shoppers' search results are sponsored messages such
    as sale notifications and "blue light specials."

Retailers now have the ability to target nearby shoppers searching specifically for items they offer, bringing the promise of location-based mobile advertising to reality. Best of all, mall shoppers have a high "intent to buy," since they are near the point of sale. This is the first time retailers have had the ability to contextually target in-mall shoppers.

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About NearbyNow, Inc.

NearbyNow, Inc. provides a unique online service that allows consumers to search all products, brands, and sales available at local shopping centers using the Internet or mobile phones. Working with shopping centers and retailers across the United States, NearbyNow enables consumers to easily access local information both before and during their shopping trips. The company also creates an efficient marketing tool for retailers to target nearby consumers, helping to drive sales by turning online shoppers into in-store buyers. NearbyNow is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Additional information can be obtained by phone at (650) 947-1300 or via the Web at


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