Uppsala, SWEDEN

Oasmia Pharmaceutical's third patented product, Doxophos®, is now ready to
enter clinical trials. The trials are planned to commence during the fourth
quarter of 2007. 

Doxophos® contains the well-known active substance doxorubicin which is used
for treatment worldwide of e.g. breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Doxorubicin
is the most used cytostatic agent for the last 20 years. New treatment methods
are continuously developed and the market grows steadily. The product has
thereby a very large market potential. The entrance into clinical trials is
another step in Oasmia's strategy for establishment on the world wide market
for oncology products. 

Oasmia is looking forward to the results of the trials. The company expects
that the results will show medical advantages of Doxophos® compared to
preparations used today. The product will strengthen Oasmia's already very
solid product portfolio considerably. The world wide market for cytostatics is
valued at 20 billion USD annually. 

Oasmia Pharmaceutical (publ) is a pharmaceutical company based on the latest
concepts in bio-organic chemistry. The company idea is to improve treatment of
serious conditions, with a focus on oncology. This is done through development
of semi-synthesised substances to a new generation of effective pharmaceuticals
for various areas of therapy. Oasmia is noted on the NGM Nordic MTF. More
information is available at www.ngm.se or at www.oasmia.com. 

For more information, please contact Johan Edin, tel: +46 18 50 54 40, e-mail: