Disclosure of audited financial information for 2006


The Management Board of Invalda AB approved  the draft of Company's financial
statements for the year 2006 with net profit of 28.8 mLTL (8.34 mEUR) and draft
consolidated financial statements for the year 2006 - consolidated net profit
totaling to 66.5 m. (19.25 mLTL) and net profit attributable to shareholders of
the parent company totaling to 58.5 mLTL (16.94 mLTL). 

Auditors report, audited financial statements for 2006 and consolidated annual
report will be announced on the web site of the company http://www.invalda.lt
and on the website of Vilnius stock exchange http://www.baltic.omxgroup.com as
soon as they will be received from auditors. 

Darius Šulnis
+370 5 273 48 76