Converium Reports Strong Growth of 35 Percent in April 1 Open Market Treaty Renewals at Improved Profitability


ZUG, Switzerland, April 17, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Converium recorded a very successful April 1 renewal of open-market non-life treaties. The Company wrote and bound non-life contracts of USD 142 million, an increase of 35%. New and restructured business amounts to USD 52 million, while increases due to share or price increases resulted in a growth of USD 8 million. Business of USD 23 million was not renewed as it did not meet Converium's profitability standards.

This excellent result reflects Converium's success in regaining business and establishing new client relationships following the recent ratings upgrade by Standard & Poor's to "A-" ("strong"). The April 1 renewals primarily included business written in Asia-Pacific. Compared with last year the profitability of the renewed business has slightly improved even though overall market conditions have continued to soften. As anticipated, Converium has clearly benefited from access to more attractive business as a result of the ratings upgrade.

In addition to the open-market business, Converium agreed on the pricing for the medical malpractice insurance policies of the members of the Medical Defence Union (MDU) in the UK with whom the Company has a long-standing strategic alliance. Business from this key relationship is expected to reach USD 198 million in 2007. This brings the total of renewed business to USD 340 million, an increase of 25% compared with last year's April renewals. Overall, the April renewals account for roughly 15% of Converium's business that is expected to reach USD 2.2 billion in 2007.

Inga Beale, Chief Executive Officer: "I am very pleased with the April 1 renewals. The great results demonstrate that we deliver on our promises: Converium has taken a powerful first step towards restoring its market position and improving profitability following the ratings upgrade."

Inga Beale continued: "We believe that the renewals are an unequivocal indication of our clients' desire to maintain and rebuild strong business relationships with Converium as a stand-alone entity. We are very encouraged by our clients' support."

Standard Property & Casualty Reinsurance: Dynamic expansion in Asia-Pacific and Latin America

In Asia-Pacific, Converium wrote and bound non-life business of USD 57 million, an increase of 15%. In the Japanese market, which accounts for two thirds of the renewed Asia-Pacific book of business, premium volume grew by 12%. This success was achieved despite a softening pricing environment and a continuing trend towards increasing retentions among direct insurers. In India, the Company's book of business almost doubled through the establishment of new client relationships in a very dynamic market environment. Converium's Latin American business also recorded strong growth of 21%, with USD 14 million written and bound. In the Middle East, Converium grew by 38%. Finally, in North America, Converium managed to win smaller property books of business.

Kobi Eugster, Executive Vice President for Standard Property & Casualty Reinsurance, comments: "These strong results clearly demonstrate how successful we are in restoring and expanding our position in the emerging insurance markets, one of Converium's core strategic areas."

Specialty Lines: Strong recovery following ratings upgrade and new business from Brazilian deal

In global Specialty Lines, another core area for Converium, the Company wrote and bound business of USD 52 million, an increase of 70% compared to last year's April renewals. Business expansion was particularly pronounced in the agribusiness and credit & surety lines of business, with increases of 305% (from USD 3 to 13 million) and 212% (from 3 to 8 million), respectively. The strong growth in agribusiness reflects Converium's success in further expanding an innovative insurance program in the Brazilian market targeted at local farmers and landowners.

The excellent renewal results in Standard Property & Casualty and Specialty Lines are testament to the Company's strong franchise which was successfully maintained after the downgrades in 2004 and now, as anticipated, proves to be a promising basis for significant profitable growth going forward.

Benjamin Gentsch, Executive Vice President for Specialty Lines and Life & Health Reinsurance: "I am very pleased with this year's April renewals. We have taken a first important step towards returning Converium to a leading specialty reinsurer."

Reiteration of overall premium target for 2007

Following the results of the April renewals, Converium reiterates its expectation of writing gross premiums for the 2007 calendar year of USD 2.2 billion, including Life & Health business. The Company also re-affirms its commitment to adhere to strict underwriting standards in order to achieve its core target of growing the book of business at an improved profitability.


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Converium is an independent international multi-line reinsurer known for its innovation, professionalism and service. Today Converium employs about 500 people in 15 offices around the globe and is organized into three business segments: Standard Property & Casualty Reinsurance, Specialty Lines and Life & Health Reinsurance. Converium has an "A-" ("strong") financial strength rating (outlook stable) from Standard & Poor's and a "B++" financial strength rating (outlook positive) from A.M. Best Company.

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