On preliminary results of 1st quarter 2007


Preliminary unaudited profit before taxes of Apranga Group, the leader of
retail apparel market in Lithuania and the Baltic States, was LTL 5.70 million
(EUR 1.65 million) in 1st quarter 2007, that is 4 times more than in 1st
quarter 2006 (LTL 1.43 million (EUR 413 thousand)). 

The increase of pre-tax profit was determined by high turnover growth rates and
more efficient management of merchandise purchases and sales. 

The turnover of Apranga Group has made LTL 91.8 million (EUR 26.6 million)
during the 1st quarter 2007, increasing by 58.6 comparing to the 1st quarter
2006 (LTL 57.9 million (EUR 16.8 million)). 

Apranga Group has already opened 5 stores during the 1st quarter 2007 and 10
more new stores in April 2007. The trading area operated by Apranga Group has
increased by 6.5 thousand sq. m. since the beginning of the year and has
reached 45.5 thousand sq. m. Apranga Group runs the chain of 75 stores in
Baltic States. 

Apranga Group is owned by the concern MG Baltic.

Rimantas Perveneckas
General Manager
+370 5 2390801