Resolutions of Annual general meeting of shareholders


On 27 April 2007, the Annual general meeting shareholders of APB Apranga has

1. To approve the company's consolidated annual report of the year 2006,
reviewed by the company's auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB. 

2. To approve audited company's and consolidated annual financial statements
for year 2006, prepared according to the International Financial Reporting

3. To distribute the company's profit of the year 2006 as follows: from
distributable profit of LTL 16,908,509 (EUR 4,897,043) to allocate LTL 468,637
(EUR 135,727) to legal reserve, and LTL 3,882,116 (EUR 1,124,339) for
dividends, or LTL 0,11 (EUR 0,03186) per share. 

4. To elect PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB as company's auditor for 2007 and to set
remuneration for audit services LTL 82.500 (EUR 23.894). 

5. To issue two years maturity intangible registered bonds of total nominal
value LTL 20 (twenty) million. Bond is a debt security under which Apranga APB,
which is the issuer of the bond, becomes the debtor of the bond holder and
assumes obligations for the benefit of the debenture holder. The date of issue
is June 16, 2007 maturity date is June 15, 2009. Yearly coupon will be fixed on
the day of the bond issue, coupon dates are June 16, 2008 and June 15, 2009.
Nominal value of one bond is LTL 100 (one hundred). Total quantity of bonds is
200,000 (two hundred thousand). To authorise the board of the company to set
terms of bonds subscription, redemption, payment for bonds and interest
payment, as well to take decisions on other questions related to the issue of
bonds. The board of the company is authorised to hire an intermediary of public
trading in securities and authorise it or its employees to sign bonds
subscription agreements on behalf of the company. 

6. To approve new edition of the statutes of Apranga APB.

Rimantas Perveneckas
General Manager
+370 5 2390801