Leading International Game Search Engine Wazap! Makes U.S. Debut as Premier Gaming Information Source

After Incredible Success in Asia and Europe, Wazap! Expands Its Optimal, Well-Targeted Search Engine Services to U.S. Game Enthusiasts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 7, 2007) - Wazap!, a leading games search engine worldwide, announced today the launch of U.S. Wazap! (http://us.wazap.com) which will offer well-targeted vertical search results on all aspects of the gaming sector to the ever-increasing gamer market. Serving as an authoritative source of gaming information, users are now able to obtain extensive and accurate results across categories including news, reviews, cheats, downloads and more.

The U.S. version of Wazap! is a fresh, new take on the design already seen in Asia and Europe including features such as the popular personalized search function. President of Wazap! U.S. Thom Kozik describes the redesign as "more refined, comprehensible and user-friendly. This is the future direction of Wazap!, and the distinct offerings and advances we are going to continue delivering to gamers. We anticipate a great reception in America, with our international success as an indicator."

Unlike other diversified web search engines, Wazap!'s extremely accurate and relevant search results are unique and unparalleled for U.S. gamers. Wazap! also provides a strong suite of community features, enabling visitors to input personal evaluations and comments that continually refine subsequent rankings and search results. MyWazap, a personalizable element of Wazap!, allows users to create profiles detailing favorite games, platforms and preferred genres and more. Coupled with the user voting, ranking and bookmarking of games, this information gives Wazap! the ability to personalize and refine search results based on gamer profiles.

"The launch in the U.S. is a particularly important step for Wazap! as we are solidifying our position as a global player in the gaming sector," Wazap! founder and CEO Andreas Ruhrig says of the latest expansion. "With 250 million page views worldwide each month, we're already operating at a very high level and our feature set has been very well-received by users. With so much positive energy behind us, we're now looking forward to continuing our upward trend in the enormously exciting U.S. market."

Prior to its introduction into the U.S. market, Wazap! achieved significant success in the international market. It is currently the most highly trafficked gaming information site in Japan. Wazap! is also showing steady growth in Germany, where the company is headquartered, and in China, where it launched in late 2006. The new design seen in the U.S. will premiere in Germany in June, and will expand to other territories in the following months.

About Wazap!

Wazap! is the leading international games search engine, which provides internet users with an extensive and well-targeted information source for gaming-related topics. Interaction with the lively Web 2.0 community plays an important role: not only does this community have access to accurate and high-quality search results from the strictly content-driven Wazap! database, but they can also actively influence the database quality and results ranking on the search engine with user-generated content, i.e. their own evaluations and comments. The growing Wazap! partner network also profits from the community's intensive involvement and the continuously increasing coverage. For more information on Wazap! worldwide, visit to www.wazap.com.

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