Change in Management Board

Tallinn, ESTONIA

Today the Supervisory Council of AS Tallinna Vesi appointed Siiri Lahe as the   
new Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board of the water     
company. The appointment will take effect  from 1st of August.                  

Since 1997 Siiri Lahe has been working in the Financial Department of AS        
Tallinna Vesi in a number of managerial positions; in recent years while working
as the Financial Controller she has been responsible for the work of the        
departments of Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Customer Billing.
She has a higher education Degree in Economy from Tallinn University of         
Technology and a Master's Degree in Public Administration.                      

Ian Plenderleith, the current Chief Financial Officer, has taken the decision to
leave AS Tallinna Vesi at the end of August 2007 after almost three years in the
role and he will return to a senior financial position in the head office of    
United Utilities.                                                               

“I am really glad to see that we have the best successor for the position of the
Chief Financial Officer from within the Company. Siiri is an excellent example  
of constant professional development and commitment.  Siiri's appointment to    
this position will bring  not only consistency for the Company, but also a      
thorough knowledge of the Company's financial and operational activities        
complemented by quality leadership skills, which serve as the prerequisite for  
achieving excellent results,“ said Roch Chéroux, Chairman of the Management     
Board of AS Tallinna Vesi.                                                      

At the same time Chéroux wished all the best to Ian Plenderleith in his future  
activities and thanked him for his effort and excellent input. “Ian has made an 
outstanding contribution with his work for the results of our Company. On behalf
of the Executive Team and all our colleagues, I thank Ian for all that he has   
done for the Company and wish him well in the future,” he added.                

Siiri Lahe does not hold shares of AS Tallinna Vesi nor does she belong to a    
governing body of a commercial company.                                         

AS Tallinna Vesi is the largest water utility in Estonia providing drinking     
water and wastewater disposal services to over 400 000 people in Tallinn and in 
several neighbouring municipalities of Tallinn. AS Tallinna Vesi shares are     
listed on the main list of the Tallinn Stock Exchange.                          

More information:                                                               
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