Barry Bonds -- Hero or Zero? America's Leading Life Coach on "The Need to Succeed at All Costs"

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 8, 2007) -

Summary: As "America's Leading Life Coach," Devlyn Steele ( has counseled celebrities and sports stars. Even as Bonds hits his record-breaking 756th homer, he sees the current controversy over the Bonds legacy as a modern-day parable of ethics and choices -- with lessons for everyone who has to make choices in their own lives.

"As a culture, we cheer Barry Bonds on to break the record at all costs, and then feel repulsed when we find out that he probably took steroids," said Coach Steele. "The battle over steroids is a battle of values. There is a huge disconnect in American life between chasing beauty, strength and success at all costs and what really creates happiness, which is self-discipline and true achievement."

Coach Steele created the world's first self-help social network, Tools to Life, a 90-day program that's absolutely free to use and helps people motivate themselves to confront and be victorious over an array of personal challenges, from weight loss to relationships. He is a well-regarded Los Angeles-based life coach and has privately counseled a number of celebrities and professional athletes.

Who: Often referred to as "America's Leading Life-Coach," Devlyn Steele, author and creator of Tools to Life, has made it his personal mission to help people find ways to improve their lives. He has hosted his own radio shows "Tools to Life" and "Love Beat" and been a guest on more than 150 radio and television shows. He is also the author of The Online Dating Kit and various articles that are published in magazines, newspapers and throughout the Internet.

The Tools to Life program guides its members through an interactive 90-day program of self discovery, teaching them how to control their impulsive behaviors and apply these actions to achieve amazing personal success in all areas of life. The community offers its members support, accountability, encouragement, best practices and shared tips for personal improvement. Here are more than 500 success stories that graduates of the program have posted on the site:

When: Devyln will be available for live broadcast commentary for the month of August. He is an able interviewee on many topics and has numerous insights on celebrity and sports icon behavior -- and what the average listener can learn from it about their own life.

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Devlyn Steele has helped thousands of people with his self-directed self-help social network, Tools to Life.